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  • Blog Post: Facebook DNUG Meeting: Introduction to Regular Expressions

    I had the pleasure of doing another session with the Facebook .NET User Group . For those that attended you can find my series on regular expressions here:
  • Blog Post: Replacing \n With \r using the Regex.Replace

      Here is a question i received the other day from one of victims (Nick): ==== I've been watching the recordings of your webcasts on regex (just about to see no. 7) one query that I have is how to include metacharacters in the replacement string. So in a simple example I want to replace a linefeed...
  • Blog Post: GREP and SED with PowerShell

    So...I like GREP and SED from my old UNIX days and am VERY happy to see that PowerShell can do the same type of functionality with a lot more power in most cases. I though some of you might like some really simple examples of how to take a text file and do GREP-ish and SED-ish actions. GREP-ish cat somefile...
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