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    On The Air!


    I'm finally starting to catch up with my blogging and wanted to show off some pics from a radio show I did on October 21st.  A buddy of mine Winston does the Innovation@Work show on KSKY every Sunday.





    We had the CEO of StarPower, David Pidgeon, on and he was a great guest. 




    Awesome guy btw and very friendly.


    I was the co-host as we talked about home theatre systems and where the technology is today versus where it is going.  Good times!




    It was my radio premier and I loved every minute of it!  David brought his kids along and we watched football during the breaks.  I'm looking forward to the next show (sometime around the second week in November).


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    On The Road Again...


    Paying a Visit

    So I'm headed to Topeka, Kansas.  Why?  To hook up with the local .NET User Group there and show some them some Microsoft love :)  The president of the group approached me a looooooooong time ago and we just now finally are getting to the point where I can head out there.  I'm pretty excited actually.  Looking forward to partying with the good folks of Topeka and doing my WPF session. 


    If you have been to Topeka and know a cool place to visit let me know.  For those not cool enough to visit the city I thought I would throw in some interesting facts.


    Did You Know?

    Topeka is the capital of Kansas?

    The community was laid out in 1854 near the point where the Santa Fe Trail and Oregon Trail separated?



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    Simple Composition with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)


    I did this demo some time ago but never shared it and thought it would be a good idea to get it out to everyone.  When I created it a few months back I was giving a session on WPF and I wanted to have a very simple example of composition.  I couldn't really find one at the time and thus this demo was born. 


    What you need to get started:

    Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2


    1. Bust out a new WPF Project in C#

    2. Now slap a couple of buttons and a textbox on the form.  Make them look like the figure below.  Don't worry about the names of the controls, we will change them in a second.

    3. Now make modifications to the XAML code as seen below.  The main things to note here are the Name attributes and the removal of the Margin attribute from the TextBox control.  Don't sweat the other attributes as they may be different for you.  Unless you're massively anal retentive then by all means make your code EXACTLY like mine.  Good luck figuring out where I put all the spaces muhahahaha.

    4. Now we want to put the TextBox inside (yes, I said INSIDE) the button called btnMain (the big one).  Cut the element and replace the word "Button" with our element like so:


      Your form should now look like this:


      You might want to widen the TextBox a bit:

    5. Just for fun, run your code and see what you have so far.  It's not pretty but it is very cool to have a TextBox inside the button.  But wait there's more!

    6. Stop debugging and let's put some code into our project.  To do this we want to wire up some events.  We will do one the traditional way just to show it still works and then one the "new" way.  First, double click on the edit button on your form to get to our code.  Now type in the following:

    7. Looks funky doesn't it?  Don't worry you will understand what is does in a minute.  Now go to your XAML and let's make a new event for the TextBox.  Specifically, we are looking to have a KeyDown Event in place.  Add an KeyDown attribute to the TextBox (you should get IntelliSense to help you out) and then choose "<New Event Handler>" from the IntelliSense choice just like so:

    8. Now go over to your code behind file and you should see an event all ready for some code. 

    9. When the user presses enter we want to have some thing happen so put in an conditional block to deal with someone pressing enter

    10. Here is the fun part.  We want to set the button's Content to the text that was typed into out textbox.  This will "set" what the button displays.  The finished event should look like this:

    11. Now go back and look at step 6.  Does it make sense?  When we want to "edit" the text we set the button's content to an actual textbox but when we are done editing then we want to "set" the button's content to just some plain old text.  Run you project and type some text into the textbox.

    12. Now press Enter and see what happens:

    13. Sweet!  So the button began with a textbox as its content then when we pressed enter its content was changed to the text that we typed in.  But what happens when we click the edit button?  Do it and find out :)


      Type in some new text and have fun with it.
    14. That's it!! Enjoy!

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    Zain on the radio?


    Looks like I might be doing a regular gig on the AM dial soon.  More details as I get them...

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    Larry Clarkin and Halo 3


    If you look in the lower left of the navigation you will see I have added a new bud, Larry Clarkin.  Not only is he a cool guy and good friend but he takes a sadistic pleasure in beating the crud out of me in Halo 3 matches.  Nothing says lovin' like getting a beat down in midair. :P  Do me a favor and give him my love if you spank him in a match.  His gamertag is Bottom9th.  Game on!!!

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    Joins II: Use the Data Source Luke


    At my Houston MSDN Event ( I had a student ask me if it was possible to do a Join between different data sources using LINQ.  Specifically, he asked about joining XML data with SQL data.  So I thought "What the hell, let's give it a shot."  It turns out you CAN do joins between different data sources with no problems that I can see.  Here is my example of how to join SQL and XML data using LINQ:


    1. First, make sure you have a connection to a database.  In this case, I decided to use the Northwind database.

    2. Now create a new C# web project and call it "I_Love_XML_and_SQL".

    3. Now add a new Linq to SQL Classes item to your project.  Just leave the name of it "DataClasses1.dbml".

    4. Now Click and Drag the Customers table from your connection onto the design surface.

    5. Your should now have something like this:

    6. Okay, so this next part is a little tricky.  We need some XML to play with.  There are a variety of ways we could get the XML.  I am going to provide you the XML but I thought you might like to know how I got it for future reference.  I just ran the following query against the Customers table in SQL Server 2005:

    7. Add a new XML file to your project and replace the existing XML with this:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <customers CustomerID="ALFKI" CompanyName="Alfreds Futterkiste" ContactName="Maria Anders" ContactTitle="Sales Representative" Address="Obere Str. 57" City="Berlin" PostalCode="12209" Country="Germany" Phone="030-0074321" Fax="030-0076545" />
        <customers CustomerID="ANATR" CompanyName="Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados" ContactName="Ana Trujillo" ContactTitle="Owner" Address="Avda. de la Constitución 2222" City="México D.F." PostalCode="05021" Country="Mexico" Phone="(5) 555-4729" Fax="(5) 555-3745" />
        <customers CustomerID="ANTON" CompanyName="Antonio Moreno Taquería" ContactName="Antonio Moreno" ContactTitle="Owner" Address="Mataderos  2312" City="México D.F." PostalCode="05023" Country="Mexico" Phone="(5) 555-3932" />
        <customers CustomerID="AROUT" CompanyName="Around the Horn" ContactName="Thomas Hardy" ContactTitle="Sales Representative" Address="120 Hanover Sq." City="London" PostalCode="WA1 1DP" Country="UK" Phone="(171) 555-7788" Fax="(171) 555-6750" />
        <customers CustomerID="BERGS" CompanyName="Berglunds snabbköp" ContactName="Christina Berglund" ContactTitle="Order Administrator" Address="Berguvsvägen  8" City="Luleå" PostalCode="S-958 22" Country="Sweden" Phone="0921-12 34 65" Fax="0921-12 34 67" />
        <customers CustomerID="BLAUS" CompanyName="Blauer See Delikatessen" ContactName="Hanna Moos" ContactTitle="Sales Representative" Address="Forsterstr. 57" City="Mannheim" PostalCode="68306" Country="Germany" Phone="0621-08460" Fax="0621-08924" />
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    8. So...Now we have our database connection and we have some XML data that has at least one column (or in this case ALL columns :P) in common between them.  Let's whip up an interface!  Add a Button and a ListBox to your WebForm:

    9. Double-click on your button to code for the Click Event:

    10. The first thing we have to do is establish contexts to our data sources.  Put the following in your code:

    11. Take a deep breath and get ready because we are about to jump off the proverbial cliff.  (pause)
      Okay, now let's begin our adventure into the LINQ query expression.  First we need to declare a variable to hold the results and, while we are at it, let's identify the elements in the XML file that we are interested in grabbing.
      (NOTE: if you need to, take another peek at the XML doc to remind you why we are pulling each "customers" element).

    12. Next we need to indicate we want to join the XML data to the SQL data.  We do this with this line:

    13. Now, there has to be some way to indicate how the XML data and the SQL data are connected.  Fortunately, they both have a CustomerID that allows us to link the different sets of data together.  Notice when we get the attribute we have to cast it as a string.  This is because, without the cast, the attribute reference would return an XAttribute type causing a type mismatch with the database's CustomerID.

    14. Finally, we have to "catch" the data in a new anonymous object.  Just to prove the join is working we will catch a piece of data from each data source.  Also, to avoid confusion, let's slap some names on the return values.

    15. So the final query should look like this:

    16. Last, but not least, we need to iterate over the results and put them into our ListBox:

    17. That's it!  When you run your code and click on the button you should wind up with something like the pic below:


      Good times!! :)

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    Halo 3 Marches On


    Yet another successful Halo 3 Event.  This time we were at the University of Texas at Austin.  Just for fun we not only did Halo 3 but had a PC gaming party at the same time. 



    So you could frag out with Halo 3


    PIC-0058 (2)


    Get crazy with Guitar Hero II




    Or just get crazy with your fav PC game.  Good times!! :)


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    LINQ and Joins


    Once again I was asked about LINQ and whether it supports joins or not.  The answer is NO.  Just kidding.  Of course it is YES.  We at Microsoft want to show you some LINQ Love (new term I have coined) and demonstrate how to do joins!  Yea!!!!!  (and there was much rejoicing)


    Here's what you need to get started:

    Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

    SQL Server (any version, I'm using SQL Server 2005)

    An ant eater (okay, this last one is optional but they are really great if you have ants)


    Let's get started...

    1. Crank out a new web site and call it LINQ_JOIN_Fun.


    2. Next, make sure you have a connection to some data source in your Server Explorer.  You may need to add a new connection. 

    3. For the purposes of this discussion I am using the Northwind Database on SQL Server. 

    4. Expand out the Northwind database and take a look at the tables.

    5. So now we need to have our classes and mappings in place for using LINQ.  Fortunately, this is a VERY easy thing to do.  Just right-click your project, choose Project...Add New Item from the Menu Bar.  Let's add a "LINQ to SQL Classes" item with the default name of "DataClasses1.dbml".  If you get a funky message about putting it in the App_Code Folder just say yes. 

    6. Click and drag the Customers, Orders, and Order Details tables from Server Explorer on to the LINQ design surface.

    7. Rebuild the solution just to be safe so we are sure Intellisense is aware of what we just did.  Stirctly speaking this isn't required but it certainly helps sometimes. 
    8. Now let's add a button and a GridView Control to our WebForm.  Don't worry about the colors just yet on the GridView we are going to be doing that next.

    9. Configure the GridView (in this case I'm assuming it is called GridView1) so that the DataSource stays at the default setting of "none" and then choose an AutoFormat that you like.  I am using "Sand & Sky" in this example.

    10. Now comes the fun part.  We need to add some code in order to play with the data.  Double-click on the button to auto-magically wire up an Click Event.  You should see something like this:

    11. The first thing we want to do is create our DataContext.  Since we may decide to use the same DataContext throughout the project, let's make it accessible to all the methods:

    12. Inside our Button1_Click Event (or whatever your Click Event is called) we need to start building the LINQ query that will show us each OrderID from the Orders Table and the CompanyName of the company placing the order from the Customers Table.  The following figure shows all the columns from the Orders and Customers Tables:


      Special Note:  In the NorhtWind Database these tables are called Orders and Customers respectively but when we put them on our LINQ-To-SQL design surface they are auto-magically made singular to bring them inline with common naming conventions used by developers. 
    13. Let's begin building our query expression.  We need to get our variable to hold the results out there and while we are at it let's identify the first table we want to pull data from (Orders in this case):

    14. Next we need to join the Orders Table to the Customers Table.  Notice in Step 12 that they both have the CustomerID Column in common.  Here is how we would join Orders and Customers on CustomerID:


      Special Note:  For the record, I am only showing an Inner Join here but LINQ is very capable of doing Outer Joins as well.
    15. Now let's put on the finishing touches to our expression.  We will most likely want to sort by OrderID and we will definitely need to indicate which pieces of information we want.  The following code uses an orderby to sort the info and the "new" keyword to create an anonymous object for each row.  Each object will contain the OrderID and the CompanyName:

    16. Last, but not least, we need to set the DataSource of our GridView and then bind it:

    17. That's it!  Run that puppy and see what happens.  If all is well, you should get some thing like this when you click on the button:


      So that's how you do a simple join using LINQ Query Expressions.  Stay tuned for more exciting adventures on this blog.


      LINQ Project on MSDN:

      LINQ-to-SQL Samples:

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    LINQ and Stored Procedures


    Okay so last quarter I was asked if you can call stored procedures using Language Integrated Query (LINQ).  The answer, of course, is YES!  It would be kind of silly if we didn't include this type of functionality. :P


    NOTE:  You need the following items to do this example

    SQL Server (pretty much any version will do but this example uses 2005)

    Visual Studio 2008 (Beta 2 was used for this example)

    A little time to sling some code



    So how exactly DO you call a stored proc using LINQ?  Easy just follow these simple steps:

    1. Create a new Windows Forms Application in Visual Studio 2008, let's call it "LINQ_SP_Coolness"

    2. Next, make sure you have a connection to some data source in your Server Explorer.  You may need to add a new connection.

    3. For the purposes of this discussion I am using the Northwind Database on SQL Server.

    4. Take a look at the existing stored procedures because what you need may already be there.

    5. Aaaaaand since I'm bored watching re-runs tonight, why don't we make our own stored procedure?

    6. Just write a simple SELECT to yank out some data AND remember to save :)

    7. Just to make sure, refresh the stored procedure folder on your data source in Server Explorer to see your shiny, new stored proc listed...

    8. You might even want to test it :P

    9. To get this to a point we can manipulate it using LINQ we need to have our classes and mappings in place.  Fortunately, this is a VERY easy thing to do.  Just right-click your project, choose Project...Add New Item from the Menu Bar.  Let's add a "LINQ to SQL Classes" item with the default name of "DataClasses1.dbml".

    10. Click and drag the stored procedure from Server Explorer on to the LINQ design surface.

    11. You should see the procedure showing up on the upper right of the design surface.

    12. Now let's slap some controls on our Windows Form.  How about a list box and a button?  Live on the edge!

    13. Now we need to work with database by establishing a context to it.  Next, we need to create a query expression that treats the result of the stored procedure as a table and query against it selecting only the LastName column.  Just for fun why don't we sort all the last names as well?  Finally, we will take the list of names returned and loop through them adding each one to our listBox as we go along.

      Double-click on the button to code for the Click event and write the following lines of code:
      (NOTE: make sure to substitute your server name in place of "zero_cool" and if you are using SQL Express you need to modify the server piece to read like this "SQLEXPRESS\myserver")

    14. If all goes well, you should get the following result:

    15. And that's how you use a stored procedure with LINQ.  This was a very simple example but if you really want to see a great series on LINQ go to my buddy Benko's site.   He has a webcast series on LINQ that kicks major butt! :)

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    Where's Zain?


    I know I haven't posted in a while.  I have been "soul searching" for an answer to how I can provide what the community needs through this medium.  Still looking for answers but plan to resume regular posting by the end of the month.



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