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    Regular Expressions Webcasts are Live Once Again!!



    So, it looked like #1 and 2 of my 10-part webcast series went AWOL.  Thanks to Emily G in Redmond for finding them again and hooking me up with the URL's to get them fixed.  If you haven't seen them then you need to check them out they are one of my favorite subjects and the webcasts don’t suck I swear :)


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    Houston-Area D2 SIG Meeting for Silverlight & WPF Designers and Developers



    Where:   Microsoft-Houston Offices (2000 West Sam Houston Parkway)

    When:   August 4 (first Tuesday of each month) - 6:00 – 8:00PM

    Why:   A free discussion on the latest Microsoft designer and developer technologies

    This special interest group (SIG) is a community effort open to all interested participants. Each month, a different presenter from various organizations will present to interested attendees. The group is dedicated to exploring modern user experiences (UX) which are part computer programming and part artistic design. While traditionally there has been little overlap in the two disciplines, users now expect a good experience with a professional look. Covered topics will range from development in Silverlight, WPF and related technologies such as Microsoft Surface to design of rich interactive experience for graphical designers. The group strives to provide a good balance of content that appeals to both developers and designers.
    This month's meeting will be presented by Todd Anglin from Telerik Corp

    Session will be:
    What's New in Sivlerlight 3.0

    Believe it or not, the next version of Silverlight is here and it rocks! Silverlight 3.0 is finally making it easy to build complex line of business (LOB) applications on Microsoft’s next generation RIA platform. From simplified data binding to increased access to system resources to H.264 support, Silverlight 3.0 is a major step forward and it delivers many of the tools LOB developers need to efficiently build data-driven applications. In this session, we’ll look at many of the new features in the Silverlight 3.0 beta and discover how they can be used to build business applications. Attend this session to jump start your Silverlight 3.0 understanding and prepare for the official release later this.

    RSVP Requested
    Attendance of the SIG meetings is free. To allow us to plan the meetings better and to judge interest ahead of time, we ask people to RSVP here. (This is a temporary site and will be replaced in the future with

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    Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit


    If you haven't downloaded it already, what's your problem?  Just kidding :)  Seriously get your hands on this stuff and start playing with our latest and greatest!


    The Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos. This content is designed to help you learn how to utilize the Visual Studio 2010 features and a variety of framework technologies including:

    • C# 4.0
    • Visual Basic 10
    • F#
    • Parallel Extensions
    • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Windows Workflow
    • Windows Presentation Foundation
    • ASP.NET 4
    • Entity Framework
    • ADO.NET Data Services
    • Managed Extensibility Framework
    • Visual Studio Team System

    This version of the Training Kit works with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 1.


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    Random Coolness: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre -- Superman



    This shizzle rocks!


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    Code Windows 7 Coolness and Win Some Cash, Yeah Baby!!!




    Seriously cool contest we have going on for coding Windows 7 (something near and dear to my heart).  Check it out here:


    Also here is a blurb about the contest from the site:


    Show the world what you're working with and take things up a notch when you code to the power of Windows 7.

    Take three minutes to video yourself describing and demonstrating your application idea for Windows 7 and you could win big.

    We'll choose one uber talented finalist from each of the following seven geographic regions:

    • China
    • Europe and United Kingdom
    • India and Southeast Asia
    • Japan, Australia, Antarctica, and New Zealand
    • Middle East and Africa
    • North America
    • South and Central America

    As you work, keep in mind our Code7 Contest
    Guiding Principles and Windows 7 Technologies:

    Guiding Principles:
    Your application should support one or more of the following Windows 7 scenarios:
    Simplify My Life
    Develop an application that makes the things customers do every day faster and easier, with fewer clicks, simpler navigation and easier ways to connect.
    More Media, More Places
    Design a great application to help customers create, edit, organize and share media.
    Make it fun and exciting for customers to get their game on.
    Work from Anywhere
    Help make customers more productive at home, at work, or on-the-go.
    Safeguard Your Work
    Help customers protect their data, whether it resides on their PC, USB devices or on a network infrastructure.
    Applications for a Better Tomorrow
    Use the power of your code to help communities prepare and plan for a better future.


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    Sketchflow in Blend 3






    In this episode we talk about Windows 7, PDC 2009, SQL Azure, MSDN Roadshow Events, MVC 2 Preview 1, VS 2010, Channel9 and Microsoft’s contribute to Open Source. Finally we jump into our interview with Blend 3 Program Manager Christian Schormann about SketchFlow prototyping tool in Blend 3. Also we cover many of the new features of Blend 3 itself and discuss how designers can take advantage of this suites features within their existing workflow.

    What is the Connected Show? The Connected Show is a podcast created indepedently by me and Peter Laudati covering Microsoft technology for the developer community along with interoprability topics. We hope to continue to grow our audience with your support and feedback as we reach our 13th episode! Previous topics have included:

    · SQL Compact Edition

    · JNBridge – Spanning Java and .NET

    · PRISM + Silverlight

    · Community Soup… Virtual Worlds

    And many more!

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    Immersive Spaces And The Future: How Virtual Worlds Will Change Our Lives -- Needs Your Vote


    South by Southwest in Austin asked for submissions a while back and here is mine:


    Questions Answered:
    1. What are 3D Immersive Spaces?
    2. What can I do in 3D spaces?
    3. What are my options for starting my own 3D experience?
    4. Who is really in virtual worlds?
    5. Why should I care about immersive spaces / virtual worlds?
    6. Is there any REAL business use for immersive spaces?
    7. What is the future of virtual worlds?
    8. What kinds of virtual worlds are there?
    9. Can people really make money in virtual worlds?
    10. How do I get started in virtual worlds?

    Conference calls, sex, money, user groups, and so much more! People are starting to see the value of immersive 3D spaces in their lives. What does the future hold for communication and collaboration in this emerging



    If you dig this, then vote for me here: 


    Much love! :)

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    LIDNUG: Free Online Virtual Chat with Scott Guthrie Today!!!


    From Scott's blog:


    A few months ago I did a free online chat hosted by LIDNUG (Linked .NET Users Group) that was a lot of fun (and which people seemed to really like).

    This Tuesday (August 25th) I’m doing it again from 9am-10:30am (PST – Pacific US time). 

    The agenda format is open and anyone can join in.  Basically you type your questions and then you can listen to me online answer as many of them as I can.  Any question is fair game! :-)

    Click here to register to join the talk for free.

    Hope to chat with some of you soon!




    Make sure to check it out!


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    EPS / Code Opportunity



    EPS Software Logo



    The folks at EPS / Code passed this along to me and wanted to let folks know about about it.  From Markus' (the big boss) blog:


    We have another interesting opportunity for developers at EPS Software and CODE Magazine/ CODE Consulting/ CODE Staffing: Basically, we offer the opportunity to become part of EPS/CODE as either contractors or possibly (later?) employees and pick up some (or a lot of?) work during the current tough economic climate. We are offering the opportunity to align yourself with EPS/CODE and get a lot of benefits for free out of this. If you are interested, you get some free training and mentoring, regardless of whether you actually end up doing work for us. So right there might be an interesting benefit for everyone.



    See the entire post here:

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    Microsoft Helps Address H1N1 Challenges for Schools




    In response to the impending H1N1 issues faced by schools, we have created a web site to help teachers keep communicating with their students.  Check it out here:

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