The Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is a great chance for us to sit down with industry partners and understand their latest plans for adopting cloud technologies and the opportunities they see with SQL Azure, Windows Azure AppFabric, and “Dallas” –as they adopt the Windows Azure Platform and deliver value to customers in new ways.  I’ll be sharing some of these stories and usage scenarios with you by linking to some very short partner interviews, presentations, and demos captured onsite here at the conference.


First up, here is a link to Brian Rose at Infor, discussing the benefits they see with SQL Azure and Windows Azure AppFabric.  Infor is a 2 Billion dollar per year company with more than 70,000 customers worldwide.  We are pleased to see Infor adopt the Windows Azure Platform!



Here's Al Perez from Total Computer, sharing his thoughts.



This is Darren Guarnaccia from Sitecor, talking about Azure.



And here is Jason Popillion from GCommerce.



Rainer Stropek from Software Architects, shares his thoughts.



And finally, its Rob McGreevy from Invensys.