I am really excited to announce availability of Windows Azure Marketplace Service Update 2. This release include key enhancements to the marketplace based on our customer feedback.


With this release Windows Azure Marketplace is open for business in 8 new countries. DataMarket was made commercially available in Nov 2010 with ability to purchase datasets only in USA. Customers could use free datasets from across the globe. Customers worldwide have been requesting us to enable international purchases for few months. This release is our wave 1 for international roll  out and we are enabling purchasing datasets from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK in local currencies. We will continue to expand this list.

 Rich Visualizations

Our customers have been asking us for rich data visualization tools on the marketplace. With this release we have enhanced our service explorer to not just display tabular data but create  graphs like line, column, bar and pie. We also enable customers to  export the data in various formats like CSV, XLS or XML. This is in addition to exporting data to PowerPivot and partners tools like Tableau.


Free Trials

Customers have also asked us over past few months to enhance our trial experience. There is lots of premium data with no trial data. We have added a new capability which allows customers to use selected offers for free for first 30 days on premium datasets. Content Publishers can still choose to opt-in. Our goal is to work with all our data publishers and have trial experience for most datasets. To begin with MetricMash, Dun & Bradstreet, Boundary Solutions, and StrikeIron all have free offerings to get started.

 OAuth 2.0 Support

OAuth 2.0 support enables developers to provide embedded experience for dataset purchase. This is crucial in providing great experience for ISV applications. Great example of this is our Excel Add-in CTP2.

Excel Add-In consent flow reflects OAuth v2 integration


Facebook Integration

Customers can share their favorite datasets using Facebook like button on the marketplace.


For more information on this announcement check out the DataMarket team blog and datamarket.azure.com