A group in Egypt organized the first TEDx in Cairo: http://www.tedxnile.com/

This is the first in Cairo, second in Arab World – first being Dubai’s 2009 TEDx.

The MS DPE Lead in Cairo gave a nice presentation about Cloud Computing: http://www.tedxnile.com/tedxnile-ahmed-adel-04012010/

I know few people are trying to put out a TEDx in Amman, but I don’t know who. If you know whom to contact about this, please let me know @mrarrabi

What is TED? A prestigious global conference that attracts speakers like Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, etc. (Technology, Entertainment, & Design) www.ted.com

What is TEDx? These are locally organized TED-like conferences around the world. http://www.ted.com/pages/view/id/344