Visual Studio 2010 has launched! (watch the launch online)

I started programming at age 12 – I attended a nice course given by a university student on MS DOS and BASIC language. When I program I go into what is called by psychologists “The Flow” – total immersion when my mind is occupied by nothing but me and the code.

Unfortunately sometimes I am pulled away from “the flow” when the tool is not good. When I have to take 2 or 3 or 5 clicks to do what mentally I think of as one action; when I have to write multiple lines of code to do mechanical work; when I have to switch continuously between several contexts just to get something integrated especially the Data Base; when all of that happens programming becomes tiring and boring.

I’ve used many programming tools on all kinds of operating systems: C++ Builder, Eclipse (3+ years), vim, emacs (2+ years), JBuilder, AnyJ, KDevelop (1.5 years), … and I came to the same conclusion that I keep hearing from many even non-MS developers: Visual Studio is the best, fastest, most efficient IDE, period.

Well, today is a great day because the best of the series is out – the Visual Studio 2010.

What’s is so exciting about VS 2010?

  • Entity Editor
  • clip_image001
  • Very rich & fast interface (thanks to WPF)
  • Parallel Computing Debugging & Visualization Tools! (I wish we had these tools when I took parallel computing course)
  • Test-Driven Programming, and Unit Tests – it’ll tell you exactly what lines of code got exercised when you ran your unit tests.
  • New & Better Designer – including for Data objects & web & windows
  • VS screen2
  • Best of all – Visual Studio is not just about writing code. It’s about managing the whole Software Development Process.
  • And it’s very flexible – you can implement SCRUM template, or MSF AGILE, or any process management template you like. And you can customize whatever you have.
  • vs2010 - cycle

Give it a try, and enjoy “The Flow”