Zen and the Art of Enterprise Architecture

Architectural Zen: The Harmony of Business and Technology

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  • Blog Post: Addressing the Multi-Dimensionality Challenge on Thinking of The Enterprise as a System

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the Open Group conference in Newport Beach, California. I find these conferences enlightening as I enjoyed the dialog with fellow professions who share similar point of views on the discipline of Enterprise Architecture. I have made the following...
  • Blog Post: Rethinking the Enterprise "Mess" Using a System Thinking Approach

    I have long considered the discipline of “architecture” as a problem solving technique that brings together art, philosophy, engineering, physics, culture, technology, etc. Producing a high quality architecture is to provide a platform for the enterprise to balance form, function, and elegance...
  • Blog Post: Moments of Crystallization, an Enterprise Architect’s Journey

    The Journey This initial posting is to set up the practice of Zen and the Art of Enterprise Architecture . I am often asked the question: "How did you become an Architect?" Although many in the IT industry have taken the George Costanza approach and just slapped the title "architect" on their business...
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