Zen and the Art of Enterprise Architecture

Architectural Zen: The Harmony of Business and Technology

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  • Blog Post: Enterprise Architecture's Transition to Consumer Oriented Services

    Unless you have been living in cave for the past five or so years, you may have noticed that technology is being democratized within your business. Perhaps right under your feet! The confluence of consumerization, cloud computing, ubiquitous connectivity, and the needs of a modern dynamic business will...
  • Blog Post: Modernizing Enterprise Architecture: Address The Neurosis of IT

    “TCP/IP and Ethernet will not be accepted as a valid network implementation as SNA and Token Ring are our preferred standards.” - circa 1993 by nameless corporate Information Systems expert. I was shocked when I had heard this, and images of ostriches with their heads in the sand immediately...
  • Blog Post: Rethinking the Enterprise "Mess" Using a System Thinking Approach

    I have long considered the discipline of “architecture” as a problem solving technique that brings together art, philosophy, engineering, physics, culture, technology, etc. Producing a high quality architecture is to provide a platform for the enterprise to balance form, function, and elegance...
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