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    CLR AddIn Model in Paint.Net – 2 (AddIn discovery)

    Paint.Net can host multiple AddIns. We can let the user pick which AddIn to use. To discover all the AddIns on the machine, we provided a few really simple APIs to do that. First, host needs to know where to discover all the AddIns and Pipelines (pipelines...
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    CLR AddIn Model in Paint.Net – 1 (Introduction)

    I am recently working on the AddIn model for the .Net Framework. There are many Hosts, AddIns, and Pipelines written internally to test our current model. One day, this idea popped out. How about adding AddIn model to a real-life project and see how good...
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    MUI and UICulture

    My parents are going to stay with us this coming summer. Besides all the preparations for their visit, I need to reconfigure my PC. They cannot operate my English XP and I don’t like to format my hard disk and reinstall a Chinese XP for them. Essentially...
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    A localization sample

    My first impression about software localization can go back to many years ago. A friend of mine had one comment like this: people from English speaking country had advantages over other language speakers, because all major programming languages used only...
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