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  • Blog Post: Entity SQL

    ADO.NET’s Entity Client comes with a client-side query engine that provides a consistent entity-level platform over different store providers. The input to that query engine is an entity-level query written in a language naturally called Entity SQL . The purpose of Entity SQL is to provide a common,...
  • Blog Post: Entity Framework June CTP Released

    The June CTP of Entity Framework was released earlier this week. It includes work from the milestone when we switched from adding features to shaping the final product. More details on the content could be found in Danny’s blog post . The bits could be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center...
  • Blog Post: RE: Hello World!

    It’s been over a year since my last post on this blog… I must have been too shy about Entity Framework and my role in it. I guess I owe an explanation. Entity Framework is steadily driving towards release. The main planned features are in. We are aiming at giving the product a finished shape rather...
  • Blog Post: ADO.NET v.Next Links

    Check out these links on ADO.NET v.Next : Blogs : Channel 9: Screencast:
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