In this white paper, Vishwas Lele, Chief Technology officer (.NET Technologies) at Applied Information Sciences, Inc., addresses many common and not so common concerns over moving applications to the cloud and highlights recent advances in cloud technology that addresses many of these concerns. Download the white paper here.

20 Things That May Be Clouding Your Choice About the Cloud, But Shouldn't

1. Security
2. Compliance
3. Latency
4. Availability
5. Cost of Operation
6. Loss of Control
7. Tools
8. Migration Costs
9. Legacy Applications 
10. Tightly Coupled Application Portfolio
11. Lock-in
12. Private Cloud 
13. IT Staff
14. Licensing
15. Passing Fad/Immature State
16. Outsourced
17. What Goes Around Comes Around 
18. Budget 
19. Performance
20. Not Built Here