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  • Blog Post: That’s why they call it Hell

    Today’s Office OFFline comic was inspired by " No More Social Networks, Please " (on Web2.0h…Really?). Photo by Plutor .
  • Blog Post: Back up

    Today’s Office OFFline comic was inspired by something a coworker said. Thanks, Joannie! Become a fan on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter | Create your own comic
  • Blog Post: Plus, the movie will make millions

  • Blog Post: He sleeps with the fishes

    Actually, I've heard that they're opening up the Zune to XNA games, to which I say, "WOOHOO!"
  • Blog Post: High-tech industrial complex

  • Blog Post: Business Application Geeks is Here!

    I am happy to announce that I created a Linkedin Group called Business Application Geeks . This group has been created to link all the BussApps Experts around the World. If you are a Senior Expert, Senior Manager, Business Consultant, Functional Consultant, with proved expertise on CRM and ERP ... join...
  • Blog Post: Intel Software Seminar

    I like my Core 2 Duo laptops a lot. Come learn what makes them great and what is in their future at the Intel Software Seminar in Dubai. Microsoft works closely with Intel and as such I will be speaking on multi-threading support in .NET so you can go use your multi-core processors to the maximum...
  • Blog Post: Web Test Browser Types

    At Geeks I showed the Load Test using IE6 as a client and mentioned that you can add your own entries to the client browser list. Sean Lumley explains how . The IE7 template looks like this: < Browser Name = " Internet Explorer 7.0 " > < Headers > < Header Name = " User-Agent...
  • Blog Post: Load Test Results

    My session on Web Application Testing at Geeks ended with a quick Load Test, but we did not get into the results. Take a look at this MSDN entry for more detailed information and remember, all that load test data is in SQL Express so you can go manipulate it at your leisure.
  • Blog Post: Day Two

    Went to see my first customer as a blue badge today! For the many enthusiastic developers who attended Geeks last week, here's something from my session: the Custom Extraction Rule for extracting a random link from a response that I wrote as part of the Web Testing demo (see attached). For those...
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