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  • Blog Post: Brunel University – Using Xbox Kinect to Improve the Mobility of Parkinson's Patients

    This post comes to us courtesy of two researchers at Brunel University , who are making innovative use of the Xbox Kinect to help with the early detection and treatment of Parkinson’s disease. --- Using Kinect to monitor and improve the mobility of Parkinson’s patients Dr. Konstantinos...
  • Blog Post: MonoGame 3.4 is out, has support for Windows 10, and that will include Xbox One

    Today the MonoGame team released 3.4, which includes a flurry of updates, but most importantly, support for Windows 10 Universal Apps and was timed to coordinate with the Build 2015 conference going on right now. I wrote more about what’s coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 for game developers here...
  • Blog Post: How to write games for Xbox One – Video and slides

    I recently gave a talk about game development on Xbox One for Brazil’s Game Expereince virtual conference. The video is finally online, so I wanted to share it with you. The slides for this presentation can also be found on my slideshare.   The post How to write games for Xbox One –...
  • Blog Post: Zusammen die Build-Keynote gucken mit Pizza

    Am 29.4. startet in San Francisco die Build-Konferenz. Die Microsoft-Entwickler-Konferenz wird viele neue spannende Themen rund um die Windows und Cloud Platform ankündigen. Wer jetzt leider nicht gerade zufällig zu den wenigen Glücklichen mit Eintrittskarte more
  • Blog Post: PAX South 2015 Feedback

    (Photo credit: Justin Pierce ) PAX SOUTH, January 22-25, 2015| San Antonio, TX | 45,000 attendees 6 games and 7 arcade cabinet games showcased at the Microsoft booth 24 hrs total of expo time (Fri-Sun) Booth exposure to about...
  • Blog Post: 微軟於GDC遊戲開發者大會宣布多項程式開發工具 將使遊戲體驗普及數十億使用者

    【2015年3月5日,台北訊】2015年遊戲開發者大會(Game Developers Conference)於3/2至3/6於美國舊金山舉行,微軟Xbox全球總裁Phil Spencer於大會中的微軟記者會公布,將整合所有Windows 10裝置的遊戲願景,致力實現最順暢的未來跨平台裝置體驗,而影響最大的正是遊戲開發人員。微軟的第一步就是從開發流程著手,為開發人員提供所需的工具,使其遊戲普及至全球數十億裝置。隨著Windows 10的開發不斷邁進,微軟將與開發人員攜手合作,共同確保遊戲玩家能獲得最佳的遊戲體驗。 Phil Spencer所公布的消息重點包含: Xbox...
  • Blog Post: ID@Xbox coming to Windows 10

      Last week I was out at GDC here a quick review of the key announcements .   Microsoft had a number of sessions see my earlier post Chris Charla, Director of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox...
  • Blog Post: GDC: Xbox LIVE and Xbox One will be open to many more developers now

    Chris Charla, Director of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program gave a talk at GDC today, covering many of the changes coming to Xbox and WIndows 10 later this year. His talk will be posted on Channel 9 24 hours after he gave the talk at GDC, so expect to more
  • Blog Post: 汇总:关于Microsoft HoloLens, Surface Hub, Windows 10, Xbox One game 的趋势和更多相关内容

    [原文发表地址] [原文发表时间] January 21, '15 免费声明:我目前在微软工作,但是这篇博客的所有内容都是我自己的观点。其中错误和愚钝的想法也是我个人的。。我的公正或者偏执仅代表自身。我刚刚看了 Windows 10: The Next Chapter 的实况视频,其中是关于Windows 10的新闻,更新的用户界面等等。就像我也有了新的 Windows 10 builds...
  • Blog Post: Publish Your App/Game

    On Feb 19, 2015, I delivered a presentation at my monthly Meetup titled “Publishing Your App/Game”.  The presentation is intended to show developers how to publish an app/game onto Microsoft platforms, including Windows, Windows Phone and more
  • Blog Post: GDC Microsoft Sessions March 2nd–5th 2015

    So there lots of exciting things happening at this years GDC! Microsoft will off course be having a booth and with lots of opportunity to meet the teams face 2 face or try some our coding challenges. We also have lots of exciting announcement and have a great selection of sessions available to those...
  • Blog Post: Новая Windows 10 и другие фантастические новинки от Microsoft

    На трансляция мероприятия Windows 10: The Next Chapter , где Microsoft представила множество разных новинок, часть из которых, мы, еще недавно, могли представить только в кино и на страницах фантастических романов. Все, что вы прочтете ниже не какое-то далекое будущее, а совсем-совсем даже ближайшее...
  • Blog Post: //GameOn contest for student game devs, how I started with GDC

    In October, I wrote about how I would get started with programming, knowing what I do today.   Well we’ve launched a new game development contest, specifically for students. //GameOn is a game development contest that gives students the opportunity more
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