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  • Blog Post: Webmaster Jam Session 2007 - It's a Wrap!

    A few weekends ago Phil and I attended the 2007 Webmaster Jam Session here in Dallas. The conference was targeted at web developers, designers and webmasters from various technological backgrounds to get everyone together to talk about web design and development. There were several hundred people in...
  • Blog Post: Building an XNA game and having fun!

    Ok, ok, I have been having some mental issues, now that I have repaired my aluminum foil hat, and added some new features, I can get back to writing about the writing programs to communicate with space aliens. Gee whiz, in one of my past lives, I used to design satellite systems, so I guess this works...
  • Blog Post: Halo rompe records nuevamente.

    Ayer que estaba en Cuernavaca hablando de XNA comentaba que esperabamos romper el record que tenía Halo 2 con 125 Millones de dolares en el primer día, sin embargo por mucho superamos las expectativas, Halo 3 vendió mas de 170 Millones de Dolares esto es mas de lo que junto Spiderman 3 en su primer semana...
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 : encore plus loin dans le réalisme

    C'est aujourd'hui que sort officiellement Halo 3. Et avec ce nouveau volet, c'est encore plus de rouabilité et d'immertion qui arrivent. C'est aussi ce tpe de technologies qui nous fait prograsser dans les interfaces homme-machine. Beaucoup d'innovations sont venues du monde du jeu. Les graphismes...
  • Blog Post: PGR4 “Skid Art”

      Skid Art - that just pus a wicked smile on my face :) Everyone will be talking about Halo 3 this week/month/year but I'm eagerly awaiting PGR4 and love this trailer that Long found. I think I've found my new career Technorati Tags: pgr4 , xbox , halo 3
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 Launch Day!

    The wait is finally over, time to finish the fight! Game will hit at midnight tonight... For those that cannot wait, here is an online interactive manual. And, by interactive I mean a full blown Silverlight Application that uses animation, video, etc.. Do not forget to check out the Halo3 HD videos if...
  • Blog Post: Videojuegos y mas!

    Ayer estuve en la UAM de Cuajimalpa, y tuve algunas preguntas relacionadas con como participar en los programas de evaluacion de Video juegos, la respuesta es sencilla.... "CONNECT" Connect es la iniciativa de Microsoft para hacer publicos los accesos a programas de evaluación (incluyendo video juegos...
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 – Ringtone and Wallpapers

    Master Chief on your Windows Mobile . Nuff said. Technorati Tags: halo 3 , windows mobile    
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 Pre-Launch party in NYC!

    This is an invite only event, and I have tickets ! If you are interested leave me feedback and I will get you an RSVP code. Event is almost sold out, time to finish the fight (and get some Halo swag too)!
  • Blog Post: XBOX 360 Games: List of September's Retail Releases

    9/6 – Medal of Honer: Airborne 9/7 – Stranglehold 9/12 – Oblivion – Game of Year edition 9/13 – Skate 9/13 – NHL 08 9/13 – NHL 2K8 9/13 – Kengo: Legend of the 9 9/13 – Fatal Intertia 9/19 – Juiced 2 9/19 – Eternal Sonata 9/20 – Warriors: Orochi 9/20 – Blazing Angels 2...
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 gets some Silverlight

      Productivity in our team just went down. Stunning example of Silverlight. Hat Tip to Angus - your man for Live shtuff. As he notes, if you haven't used Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live you are missing a great opportunity to store and stream up to 4Gb of Silverlight Applications via our data...
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 (in HD!) on MSN

  • Blog Post: Finish the Fight

    For my fellow Halo addicts our there... Check out the short films by Neil Blomkamp here . He has done an amazing job of bringing it to life. Gives me hope for the movie, I was blown away! Yes there are Warthogs, Pelican Dropships and even Covenant Brutes. Watch closely and you can see the Brutes firing...
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