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December, 2007

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    Linq to REST

    Late Sunday night we released the first public preview of ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions. For information on the release, see ScottGu's announcement . As part of that preview, we released the first CTP of the production version of Project Astoria. For details...
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    Server errors and the Astoria client

    Marcelo Lopez Ruiz, a developer on the Astoria team, has written a nice post describing how to deal with Astoria server errors returned via HTTP. One thing I regret that we didn't get into the Astoria December CTP was the ability to show detailed Astoria...
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    Project Astoria Links for 12/18/07

    Jonathan Carter is in the midst of writing a 11 Part (!) Training Series about ADO.NET Data Services. Guy Burnstein has also started a “ Get Started with ADO.Net Data Services ” post series.
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