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    Why can't I uninstall my assembly?

    When installing an assembly to the GAC, Fusion provides a mechanism for the installer to specify a traced reference count on the assembly being installed. The idea is that if the same assembly is installed multiple times by different clients, the assembly...
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    GAC Phobia

    I was recently forwarded a link to a posting entitled “ Avoid the GAC ”. I would like to offer some insights into points addressed by this article, to help clarify misconceptions you may have about the GAC, and its intended usage. The article...
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    Unification Policy

    The CLR’s strict versioning binding policy for strongly-named assemblies was the first step towards alleviating the “DLL-hell” problems of the past. Whenever you link to a strongly-named assembly, the exact identity of the referenced...
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    Access to old blog entries

    Welcome to the home of my new blog! All of my old blog entries will not be migrated to this site, however, they will remain available for viewing on the old site at: http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/alanshi .
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