March, 2010

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My name is Alex James, a Program Manager working on the Data Services team at Microsoft.

My current focus is OData and improving the usability of Data Services, both client and server side.

Previously I worked on the Entity Framework team where I helped create EF 4.0, and CodeOnly.

I'm also really passionate about Metadata, hence the name Meta-me.


I waffle and twitter as adjames

  • Meta-Me

    Tip 55 - How to extend an IQueryable by wrapping it.

    Over the last couple of years I’ve found myself in lots of situations where I’ve wanted to get ‘under the hood’ and see what is happening inside an IQueryable, but I haven’t had an easy solution, at least until now. Getting down and dirty like this...
  • Meta-Me

    Creating a Data Service Provider – Part 9 – Un-typed

    Background info: This post builds on Parts 1 thru 8 which teach you how to create a typed Data Service Provider. But now the part we’ve all been waiting for- an un-typed DSP – which is what I expect most real world DSP implementations will be based on...
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