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August, 2004

  • I Love that New Syntax Smell

    Pinning Pointers

    Hot on the heels of my article on interior pointers, comes a much more insightful one by Stan Lippman on the same issue . That happens sometimes. I enjoyed the chat we had on the VC++ 2005 Beta, and I wanted to point that there are two other online chats...
  • I Love that New Syntax Smell

    Online Chat: Visual C++ 2005 Beta

    We're having an online VC++ chat this coming Thursday. I and several of my coworkers from all areas of the product (IDE, front-end, back-end, etc.) will be available for questions. If you're interested in attending, here's the announcement they asked...
  • I Love that New Syntax Smell

    Interior Pointers

    Where's the rest of the properties stuff? I was going to write about default properties in this entry (and have quite a lengthy one saved for future use), but there are a few disagreements I have with the current implementation of default properties,...
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