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January, 2010

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    SharePoint Online in the 2010 wave

    I’m a big fan of SharePoint Online along with over one million other users out there. It’s a reliable, convenient service that allows companies to take advantage of SharePoint without having to host it themselves. It’s software-as-a-service at its best...
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    SharePoint 2010 End-User Training

    Point8020 has released free SharePoint 2010 end user training that you can access from . It includes 50 short videos for end-users & site administrators covering a number of different common...
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    SharePoint 2010 Webcast Deck

    I just did a SharePoint 2010 webcast and wanted to share the deck I presented. You can find it @ I will update this post with a pointer to the recording...
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    Some New SharePoint 2010 Content

    I wanted to quickly highlight some of the recent content we recently published: - You can download the SharePoint 2010 Virtual Machine here . - Check out the What's New in SharePoint 2010 for Developers clinic ; a free 2-hour e-learning course - Check...
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