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    WW Partner Conference Session on Portals

    I'm presenting my session at the World Wide Partner Conference on October 10th from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. The session title is Exploring Portal Solutions with e-Business Servers and SharePoint Technologies. The session description is as follows: Microsoft...
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    Changing MCMS security rights

    Developers ask me very often how they can change MCMS user role security rights using the MCMS Publishing API. The reality is that the publishing API does not allow you to change user rights. Depending on the business requirements, one approach is to...
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    MCMS Technical Architecture

    We just released a great whitepaper that describes MCMS 2002 Technical Architecture in-depth. I highly encourage you to check it out at  in the MCMS section. On a side note, just got back from the...
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    Vacation for 1 week

    I'm taking the next 5 days off to visit family and friends. I won't have access to a computer so I won't be blogging during the week.
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    WW Partner Conference

    I will be speaking at the World Wide Partner Conference, October 9-11, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (MCC) in New Orleans, LA. I'm giving a talk about portal solutions using SPS and the E-Business Server products (CMS, CS). I'll specifically...
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    SPS and MCMS

    Over lunch today, someone asked me when the SPS and MCMS integration pack was releasing. The current plan of record is to release a public beta of the SPS/MCMS integration pack in October and release the final pack by end of this calendar year. ...
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    more whitepapers: multilingual and extending web author

    It's Friday and some good news. The Multilingual Whitepaper and Extending Web Author Whitepapers have been published. Both whitepapers are really good - easy to read and actionable as they both have good samples.
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    site navigation

    If you are looking to make nicer looking navigation with little effort, check out this article.  This was pointed out by Mark Harrison  who's a MSFT Portal technologies expert and lives in the UK. He has written some books...
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    cell phones

    I have a Samsung 8500. I was really tempted to get a new phone with imbedded Bluetooth technology and a camera yesterday, but decided against it. Though people in the US are getting better and better cell phones, the average consumer doesn't have a...
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    MCMS Performance

    I've seen a lot of requests around a whitepaper on performance and deployment. We have a greenbook that recently released that is available for download . Unfortunately, it's not linked from the MSDN and TechNet sites just yet. :-( - I'll ping the...
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    conversation over lunch

    We had a great summer in Redmond/Seattle this year.... but it's coming to an end. It's raining and the temperature is 61 degrees fahrenheit. As for lunch, I had lunch with an EBiz Specialist - Owen Allen . Owen's planning to write some nifty...
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    Building Custom Placeholder Server Controls

    One of my personal favorite features of MCMS 2002 is the placeholder framework - the ability to build your custom placeholder server controls. This is one of the most powerful features because it enables you to allow your content contributors to manage...
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    MCMS Monthly Chats every 4th Thursday

    MCMS Monthly Chats every 4th Thursday of every month from 10am to 11am PST. For more information, visit
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