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Orca install package

Orca install package

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Stephane Rodriguez posted an interesting comment that I hadn't thought of - it isn't the easiest thing in the world to download Orca.  You have to go through the Platform SDK web-based installer tool and also install a bunch of pieces of the core SDK to get orca.msi which lets you install Orca.  I have a copy of it that I downloaded and posted at http://cid-27e6a35d1a492af7.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Blog%5E_Tools/orca.zip for easier access.  I hope this makes things easier for you as you debug your setup packages.

<update date="4/9/2010"> Fixed broken link to orca.zip. </update>


  • Indeed, that's better like this. Last time I checked the core platform SDK, it was 250MB or something like that. Now if you could get this in the MSDN library / Windows installer page, this would be very good (everyone googling orca gets to the Windows installer page, but then today you are automatically redirected to the core platform SDK).
    And sorry for mistaking Orcas and Orca.
  • Thank you very much for this. It is just what I needed!! You just saved me a large download when all I wanted is Orca. Much appreciated.


  • Great, but the link doesn't seem to work.
  • Hi, it appears that my old ISP site was taken offline, so I've updated the link in the text of this blog post. Please let me know if the location at http://astebner.sts.winisp.net/Tools/Orca.zip does not work for you.
  • Thanks for providing this application separately!!
  • Hey thanks alot :),Saved lot of time and huge downloads.
  • THANKS to you and Google after 5 or more minutes of wandering around on the Microsoft site unsuccessfully!
  • Praise the Lord: Orca is downloadable on it's own. Ah... Last time I did this, my blood was boiling.
  • Many Thanks astebner, for that link. Although it's over 12 months since you posted the information re Orca install, I was able to find the article in Yahoo search pages. I spent the whole day trying to download MS SDK Platform and there is still over a quarter of download left so if I continued on with their original download I would have been up all night too.
  • Thanks very much!!! This is exactly what I needed! I also had problems with the download of the SDK platform, now I don't need it anymore ;-)
  • Thanks Man really needed Orca was searching for it as a seperate link, thanks to you again
  • thank you for useful topic & link.
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