This week at MIX we revealed a beta version of Silverlight 3. This version addresses many asks we heard from you from your Silverlight 2 experience.

There are tons of new things (in a package simiar in size):


  • Smooth streamign suppot (working with IIS media services)
  • More HD with H.264
  • GPU acceleration for video rendering and resizing (full screen HD is enabled by that)
  • Raw AV pipeline (you can write your own codec in managed code, if you are writing one, please let me know about it)
  • PlayReady DRM for VC-1 media


  • Perspective 3D transform
  • Bitmap caching (improving speed)
  • Bitmap APIs
  • Pixel Shaders(GPU based)
  • Dynamic Styling and Theming
  • Improved text rendering (you will see more of that in the RTW release)

Application Development

  • Over 60 controls
  • Search SEO support
  • Data form controls
  • DLL Caching
  • Binary XML
  • Better data binding
  • Better Accessibility

Out of browser

  • Run your SL app on the desktop on Mac and Windows
  • Start menu and desktop icons
  • Sandboxed envinronment
  • Connectivity detection
  • Widnows 7 integration (touch)
  • No admin smooth installation and update

You can access the bits on  

This is a great release and we have more good stuff in the pipe. Stay tuned.