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    Happy New 2009


    The year had just began and it is time to share some electronic greeting cards the design agencies we work with created, please share with your freinds and family.


    Ascentium  Razorfish 


  • The Bardakist

    Silverlight official supports guidelines published


    Many businesses are relying on Microsoft Silverlight and until few month ago, Microsoft did not have a clear support policy for Silverlight, well now we have it. 

    Silverlight is unique compared to other products in the sense it is serviced through new version releases (so new releases not only add functionality but also fix issues in previous versions). This allows Silverlight applications to continue to run correctly regardless of the runtime version.

     The official languages is provided here: "Microsoft will continue to support all versions of Silverlight by shipping updates to the latest version of both Silverlight runtime and Silverlight SDK. Updates and new versions of the Silverlight runtime are backward compatible with web applications built in previous versions of Silverlight and will include the latest security enhancements, performance improvements, and product fixes. Previous versions that are still under support will be updated in the event the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) determines vulnerability has been found in Silverlight."

    You can read the full details here:


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    Windows Phone 8, what should I choose?


    Today was the ship party of Windows 8 in the Microsoft Campus. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon where there in addition to Nokia and HTC trying to sell their services and devices.

    Click here to play this video

    There is a Microsoft program that subsidizes the phone (with a new contract) and since I am out of contract I need to select a phone.

    I have looked at the following phones and have some Pros and Cons:

    Nokia 920

    Pro: Good camera (actually the best camera out of all the other models)

    Con: Big and bulky

    HTC 8X

    Pro: nice slim design. Good grip. The sexiest phone for sure

    Con: Lousy camera

    Nokia 820

    Meh: size not too big but design is not unique

    Meh: Camera is OK


    A camera is important to me but does it justify the bulkiness of the 920?

    What do you think? Should I wait for the Samsung ATIV?

    Let me know.

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    Silverlight Advertizing Creation Kit is now available


    The Silverlight Advertising Creation Kit (SACK) is now available for download


    The SACK is targeting designers and ad creation agencies and discusses several aspects of creating ads using Silverlight.  Step-by-step instructions are provided throughout so no previous knowledge of Visual Studio, Blend or Silverlight is required.  Sample projects are also included for each of the sections.  The following topics are addressed:

                        Creating Polite Ads

                        Tracking Actions (Event Handling)

                        Ad synchronization

                        clickTAG Support

                        Expanding Ads

                        Optimization Techniques


    This document supplements the Silverlight Ad Publishing and Serving Guide, which specifies how to serve ads to a client page.  The Silverlight Ad Publishing and Serving Guide is available for download here.


    This is the great work of Dan Penn who is leading this space in our product team.



  • The Bardakist

    Switching Gears in November


    November brought a lot of change to my life: After 5 years in the Silverlight team (and a short stint dealing with cloud hosting that you will hear about in early 2011)  I joined the Office engineering team, helping the team to deliver some great experiences in the next release of Office. Also, in November, I became a father for the 3rd time with a little girl that joined her bigger brother and even bigger sister. I am excited about these changes because it will allow me to experience new things, meet new people (literally in the case of my new daughter) and provide an opportunity for me to make a positive impact on people's lives and on our world (isn't that why we are all here?).  You can expect me to switch gears also with my writing to focus on things that I encounter. I have not forgot my roots with developers, and I will try to continue to be of value to my readers. I promise.



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