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    TFS 2010 Upgrade Issue

    We have discovered a potentially serious issue that can affect upgrades from TFS 2005 or TFS 2008 to TFS 2010. The issue is triggered by a specific pattern of labels, renames, deletes and/or branches that existed before the upgrade. Once the upgrade is...
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    Oct '08 TFS Power Tools are Available!

    Yes, I know it's November now :( We had originally planned to release them about two weeks ago but an early release to our MVP showed us that we still had work left to do to really get it ready. You can read about all the cool new stuff in this release...
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    iOS, iPhone & iPad storyboarding

    ***Update***: when   I first wrote this a couple of hours ago, the link to the iPad shapes was broken so I didn’t mention them.  It’s since been fixed so I’m adding it to this post.  Clearly there’s a lot of overlap between the iPhone &...
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    Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is available

    ***UPDATE Nov-29*** We've confirmed a report of an issue that can occur during upgrades. It's not serious but you will want to read here for more details:
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    The first TFS 2010 patch is available

    As part of getting ready to ship, one of our exercises is to make sure we can service the product once it ships.  We do this by releasing a few "test" patches for the Beta 2 release.  At the same time, we like to include a few fixes...
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    New TFS Power Toys Available!

    We've been working hard over the past several months and today we are releasing some of the fruits of that labor. There's a lot of news in this post so I'll try to organize it well. Official support for the TFS MSSCCI provider! The TFS MSSCCI...
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    Second TFS 2010 Beta 2 Patch is Available

    The second of our TFS 2010 Beta 2 test patches is now available.  The first one patched install/configuration logic.  This one fixes a number of product functionality issues and can be applied anytime after the MSI install phase, including after...
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    TFS 2012 Power Tools are now available!

    I know many of you have been waiting patiently.  I apologize for the delay.  They actually shipped yesterday but I didn’t have time to write a blog post about it until tonight. Team Foundations Server 2012 Power Tools A few reminders about how...
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    TFS 2013 Power Tools are available

    I apologize for the long wait.  But, the TFS 2013 Power Tools are finally available.  There’s no new features in this release but there are a fair number of bug fixes and the Power Tools have all been updated to work with VS 2013 and TFS 2013...
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    TFS 2010 Admin, Operations & Setup Improvements

    Since I started with the key architectural concepts, I think the most appropriate place (though perhaps least exciting) is the setup/admin/ops feature area. Pre-reqs I wrote a post on pre-reqs a while ago but I’ll refresh it a bit here. To...
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    A Branching and Merging Primer

    Hmm, OK I guess I jumped too quickly into using unfamiliar terminology. Let me step back and define some of the concepts/terms a little more and then hopefully that last post will make more sense. The Source Tree Let’s start with what the source...
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    Aug ‘11 TFS Power Tools coming soon

    We’re in final testing for the August release of the TFS Power Tools.  I’ve been playing around with it for the past couple of days and it’s looking really good.  In this post I’ll give you a sneak preview of what is coming and then, as soon...
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    Preview of the next TFS Power Tools release

    Time for a little bit of a teaser post... We've been working on the next Power Tools release for Team Foundation Server 2008 for a while now.  I think I mentioned before that we really wanted to make this next release a "major" Power Tools...
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    Upgrading from TFS 2005/2008 to TFS 2010

    Lots of people are trying out TFS 2010 now and they want to import their 2005/2008 data. Here are some good things to know as you think through this: The TFS installation guide is a great resource in helping you understand your upgrade options: ...
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    A Scrum Process Template for TFS

    Since TFS 2005, we have delivered two process templates with TFS: MSF Agile and MSF for CMMI.  Our goal with MSF Agile was to create a relatively simple process template for teams doing Agile software development.  We designed it to enable a...
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    Team Foundation Server 2015 Final Release

    Today we released the final version of Team Foundation Server 2015. TFS 2015 is a major step forward, with tons of improvements throughout the development process but with special emphasis on DevOps capabilities. TFS 2015 Trial Download TFS 2015...
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    Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server at Build 2015

    It’s conference season – //Build/ is this week and Ignite is next week. As you might expect, we have a TON of stuff to share so I’ll get right to it. Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server 2015 Release Candidate This week released...
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    Installing Sharepoint on Windows Server 2008

    I saw an internal mail about this today and it seemed like something worth sharing. Now that Sharepoint is no longer included in Windows Server 2008, you have to install it yourself. Further, when installing TFS on Windows 2008, the TFS installation process...
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    Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure: A Preview is available!

    Today at the BUILD conference, we announced availability of our Windows Azure based Visual Studio Team Foundation Service Preview. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know we’ve been working on it for a while now. We’ve had a...
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    TFSServerManager PowerTool

    Ever since we started dogfooding TFS internally, I've been working on a tool I call TFSServerManager. It's a bit of a misnomer because it's not really a management tool as much as it is an operations tool. In the very early days it started as a tool to...
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    Why TFS labels aren't like SourceSafe labels

    I'm keeping my eye out for reasonable "short" blog topics as all of mine seem to be pretty long :) There was a question today on one of our internal aliases about why labels in TFS don't show up in the history display the way they do in SourceSafe. The...
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    How many users will your Team Foundation Server support?

    The information on server sizing in this blog post is no longer up to date. This was very early guidance before we had done many measurements. See and later posts on my blog for more up to date...
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    A new API for Visual Studio Online

    The “big” news that I announced at TechEd this week was a new API for accessing Visual Studio Online (and, in a future release, Team Foundation Server).  This new API is based on REST, OAUTH, Json and Service Hooks – all standard web technologies...
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    TFS SP1 Beta is available!!!

    I am thrilled to announce that the much anticipated TFS SP1 Beta is available. You can get access to down load it by visiting the Microsoft Connect Site . Remember, it is a Beta so some caution is advised. It's been a long road but there's some great...
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    TFS 2010 Power Tools have released

    Updated 4/27 because I forgot the tfpt addprojectportal and tfpt addprojectreports TFS Power Tools April 2010 release TFS MSSCCI Provider 2010 release ...
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