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    The New Team Explorer in TFS 11

    You’ve seen snippets of the new Team Explorer in previous posts I’ve done on version control improvements .   In this post, I’m going to focus on the new Team Explorer experience, talk a bit more about what overall changes we’ve made and why...
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    Microsoft's Team Foundation Server Deployment Topology

    Given how much I talk about our internal "dogfooding" of TFS on this blog, I thought you might be interested in seeing a diagram of what our internal deployment actually looks like. This diagram was put together by our IT department a couple of weeks...
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    What's up with Orcas Beta 1?

    We released Orcas Beta 1 a few weeks ago now and I'm really surprised at how little feedback I've heard. I'm curious what's going on. Are people too busy to mess with it? Has releasing all of the CTPs ahead of time taken the excitment out of playing with...
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    March '08 Team Foundation Server Power Tools Released

    We've just released a new version of the TFS Power Tools.  This new Power Tool release will work only with the VS/Team Explorer 2008 client (but against either a TFS 2005 or TFS 2008 server).  If you haven't taken the time to upgrade yet, I...
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    TFS Licensing Change for TFS 2008

    We made one significant licensing change for TFS with the release of TFS 2008. We've gotten a lot of feedback over the past 2 years that there are classes of users who make very light use of TFS and for those users a $500 CAL (list price) is just too...
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    Visual Studio 2013 RTM Available

    In the wee hours of the morning this morning, we made the final versions of Visual Studio 2013, Team Foundation Server 2013 and .NET 4.51 available.  You can download the trials and related products and MSDN subscribers can download the licensed...
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    Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop

    We repivoted our Express SKUs this release to focus on application type rather than on language.  The Windows 8 and Web Express SKUs have been available for a while now.  Today we made the Desktop Express SKU available.  The last yet to...
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    News from Connect();

    This week we had our “Connect();” developer event in New York.  We made a ton of announcements.  You’ll find a bunch on Soma’s blog , the Visual Studio blog , the Visual Studio ALM blog and in the release notes . At the highest level, we announced...
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    TFS 2008 System Recommendations

    We have just completed our testing for TFS 2008 scalability and are ready to publish the final recommendations on server sizing and hardware configurations. If you want to compare this to the TFS 2005 recommendations, you will find them here . Ultimately...
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    The Improved Microsoft Developer Network

    Today we launched the new Microsoft Developer Network site.  As I've mentioned before, my team is responsible for much of the infrastructure and experience for MSDN.  I’m very proud of what we have and at the same time see opportunities for...
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    Visual Studio Online “General Availability”

    Today is a monumental day for VS Online.  It’s the culmination of a long journey from a glimmer of an idea to prototype, private preview, limited preview, public preview, “go-live” and now, finally General Availability.  VS Online is ready and...
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    Update on Team Foundation Server Roadmap

    It's been about 4 months now since I published the first Team Foundation Server roadmap. A lot has happened since then. For one thing, we've just about completed all of the feature work (final feature checkins will be this week). For another, we announced...
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    TFS 2010 Power Tools Coming Soon

    I think for 6 months or more I’ve been promising that we’d release updated Power Tools to support TFS 2010 “soon”. Well, I apologize that it hasn’t worked out that way. It seems like some higher priority activity always rears its head when we think we...
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    Licensing changes - User acceptance testing and Agile planning

    This is next in a series of licensing and feature changes that I laid out in December. With this, I think all of the cloud changes (and more) that I described have been made. Some of the on-prem changes will be available as we release more on-prem updates...
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    Even Better Access to Team Foundation Server

    About 2 years ago, we first introduced Team Explorer Everywhere.  In doing that we enabled diverse teams to work closely together regardless of platform or technology stack.  We provided organizations a substantially improved ability to manage...
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    TFS and Quality Center

    **UPDATE** This post is now obsolete. Check out for more info on integration solutions. I see a fair number of customers where the development team uses TFS but the QA team uses HP Quality Center...
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    2008 Installation Questions

    Now that the 2008 wave of developer products has shipped I've seen a ton of questions about downloading and installing them. In this post I'm going to tackle answers to all of the questions I've seen around VSTS/TFS. 1) Hey you guys say you shipped...
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    Upcoming VS Online Licensing Changes

    Through the fall and spring, we transitioned VS Online from Preview to General Availability. That process included changes to branding, the SLA, the announcement of pricing, the end of the early adopter program and more. We’ve been working closely...
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    Enterprise grade Git

    In my Visual Studio 2013 post from TechEd a couple of weeks ago, I made a very innocuous comment about including Git support in our TFS 2013 preview that will ship next week (at the Build conference).  I wanted to take a few minutes to expand upon...
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    Agile Project Management in Visual Studio ALM V.Next

    When we first started designing Team Foundation Server, one of our mantras was “Your process, our process or no process”.  What we meant by this was that TFS can play an important role in helping you automate your development process.  Many...
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    Installing TFS 2008 on Windows 2008

    Our dear friend Etienne has written up his experiences installing TFS 2008 on Windows 2008 . It's definitely more complex than installing it on Windows 2003. The issues revolve around our uncertainty of the status of WSS on Windows 2008 at the time we...
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    VS/TFS 2010 SP1 Beta has Released

    Today we released VS/TFS 2010 SP1 Beta and .NET 4 Update Beta to MSDN subscribers.  On Thursday, they will be available to the general public.  The Beta comes with a "go live" license which means that it can be installed in a production...
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    A few more Visual Studio 2013 Preview features

    I recently announced the availability of the Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 previews. There are a couple of new features available with this preview that I’d like to talk a bit more about. Cloud Load Testing Now that the...
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    VS/TFS 2013.3 (Update 3) RC

    Today we are releasing Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3. Download Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 KB article Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC release notes You’ll find a complete list of download links...
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    TFS statistics queries

    You know how it goes - somehow there's just never enough days in the week to get everything done you want to get done. A couple of weeks ago I promised to post the queries I use to collecting statistics on our server - and other than feeling bad about...
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