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Brad Abrams

Design Guidelines, Managed code and the .NET Framework

March, 2004

  • Brad Abrams

    Scottish Design Guidelines??

    Good overview of some of the deisgn guidelines and FxCop from a consultant in Scotland... via FxCop in Auld Reekie ]
  • Brad Abrams

    Fun with Generics in Whidbey

    I thought I’d share a little of my “app building” fun with you folks. Just for giggles I wrote a command line tool that lists the most frequent commentors on CLR related blogs. Most of the code is screen scraping and not that interesting...
  • Brad Abrams

    One Year of Blogging Already?

    Wow… It was one year ago today that I started to blog publicly . 299 posts later and (more importantly 1406 comments later) I can say that blogging has been well worth the investment. I have been able to use this blog as a quick sounding board for...
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