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August, 2009

  • Brian Keller

    Visual Studio Team System Rangers Web Site Goes Live


    The Visual Studio Team Systems Rangers is a group that I’ve been fortunate to work with for the past few years. They consist of VSTS product team members, top-notch Microsoft Consulting Services specialists, and VSTS MVP’s who have a straightforward mission of creating great content for Visual Studio Team System. In the past this content has included whitepapers, training content, add-ins, power tools, and more, all targeted at accelerating the adoption of Visual Studio Team System.

    Until recently, the VSTS Rangers team has been working pretty much “behind the scenes” – they work on a lot projects which get surfaced via services engagements, or via sites like Codeplex, but they didn’t generally maintain a very public-facing brand. But as their resume for producing killer content has grown, they are now becoming something of their own brand. This is great to see, since you know that if you are checking out a project produced by the Rangers it is sure to be a good one.

    Which leads us to… the VSTS Rangers Web site. My friend Willy-Peter summarized the new site on his blog. If you work with Visual Studio Team System, then this is a must-have site on your list of favorites.

    And on that note, I’m very excited about the latest project I’m working with the Rangers on… stay tuned for more about that coming at the end of September.

  • Brian Keller

    This Week on Channel 9 with Amanda Silver


    Despite Dan being gone on paternity leave (we miss you Dan!) it’s been a great month for This Week on Channel 9 due to the great guest hosts we’ve been getting!

    This week we were lucky enough to get Amanda Silver to drop on by. Amanda has been on Channel 9 in the past and is always exploring new ways to improve life for developers. Check out this week’s episode to watch Amanda school me on STM.NET and tell us how she uses Sketchflow! Amanda also talks about her former life as a Unix sysadmin – nice!

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    Next week I’ll be on the road teaching customers about VSTS 2010, but we have two awesome guest hosts lined up… stay tuned!

  • Brian Keller

    Habib Heydarian visits This Week on Channel 9!


    When it comes to developing software, Habib Heydarian is one of my personal heroes. Not only is he a brilliant guy with a lot of great ideas about the future of software development, but he is also passionate about teaching people about software and showing off the cool stuff his team is working on. Check out his blog to see what I mean.

    I had the pleasure of having Habib on This Week on Channel 9 today for a chat. I especially loved Habib’s explanation of Spec# and Boogie.

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    10-4 Episode 30: Database Schema Extensibility


    Visual Studio Team System 2005 saw the introduction of the Team Edition for Database Professionals product, which allows database developers to perform such functions as version control, unit testing, test data generation, refactoring and more against SQL Server databases. In Visual Studio Team System 2010, Microsoft made this area of the product extensible in order to support 3rd party databases. Quest Software is hard at work on a database schema provider to support Oracle database development from within Visual Studio Team System 2010.

    In this 10-4 episode I sat down with Daniel Norwood of Quest Software to get an early look at "Project Fuze."

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  • Brian Keller

    PDC Workshop Announced: Developing Quality Software using Visual Studio Team System 2010


    It’s that time of year! Today we launched the Microsoft PDC 2009 registration and announced some of the sessions which will be presented.

    There is a lot of great content coming to this year’s PDC, but I wanted to call out one piece in particular that I’m particularly proud of. The Developing Quality Software using Visual Studio Team System 2010 workshop will happen the day before PDC and is a really great way to come up to speed on Visual Studio Team System 2010. Todd and Chris are rock star presenters who are extremely excited about presenting on this topic, so this promises to be a valuable session. Since it’s a workshop happening the day before PDC officially begins you will need to specify that you want to attend this during your PDC registration, so be sure to consider it as you are planning your trip to L.A.

    Developing Quality Software using Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Todd Girvin, Chris Tullier

    Poor software quality causes unnecessary losses for companies every year. Learn how Visual Studio Team System 2010's new code quality features can improve your teams ability to discover flaws early and to better understand the root cause of any issue. There are tools for everybody including architects, developers, managers, and testers.

    During this full-day workshop, we’ll start at the beginning with requirements and design, and then move into unit testing, debugging, testing, and collaboration. We will complement these with demonstrations of code quality best practices that have proven to work on a variety of projects. Come see how much easier it can be to improve code quality by using VSTS 2010!

    I hope to see you there!

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