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    Incredible tsunami satellite photos


    Set 5 is one of the most incredible in my opinion…


    And in a completely tangential thought, I wonder if my deodorant (Axe "Tsunami") will be renamed or discontinued now that there are such terrible connotations with the word. XBox Live!'s codename "Tsunami" infrastructure updates ended up being an unfortunate selection.

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    Christmas lights Web site scam


    Man admits Christmas lights Web site scam

    I really don't understand this at all.
    1) He went to all the trouble of building a site with pictures that made it look like you could control the Christmas lights at his house from the Web with still photos. Even went to the extra detail of adding planes and cars for realism. If he's that dedicated, though, why couldn't he also add a serial port interface to his Web server to control (what appears to be) an X10 setup?
    2) Is he really the first person to come up with this idea? I mean, years after the first vending machine Web cam it seems that plenty of other people would have setup similar, real Web-activated Christmas light decorations.
    3) Are reporters really that naive? Thankfully somebody finally asked to see how it works. But what about The Wall Street Journal?
    4) How did he get not only his wife, but his neighbors as well, in on the scam? This guy must be pretty charismatic.

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    Google amazes me again...


    Type slowly. Yes, it's round tripping between each keyboard stroke. Amazing.

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    A cell phone that grows into a flower - what will they think of next?


    This is nifty.

    Materials company Pvaxx Research & Development, at the request of U.S.-based mobile phone maker Motorola (MOT.N), has come up with a polymer that looks like any other plastic, but which degrades into soil when discarded.

    Researchers at the University of Warwick in Britain then helped to develop a phone cover that contains a sunflower seed, which will feed on the nitrates that are formed when the polyvinylalcohol polymer cover turns to waste.

    This is great timing, since I just got a new i-Mate SP3i SmartPhone today and I'm wondering what to do with my loyal, but outdated, Samsung "DumbPhone." If only I had one of the new phones discussed in the article... then I could throw it out the window on the way home and when the cop pulls me over for littering just explain that I was planting sunflowers.

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    TechEd 2005: Official Call for Papers


    TechEd 2005 may seem like a long time from now, but now is the time to start thinking about it. I'm on the planning team this year and it's already shaping up to be a really exciting event.

    This year's U.S. TechEd will be in Orlando, FL from June 5-10.

    Attention speakers: If you are interested in speaking at TechEd 2005 (and who wouldn't want a trip to Orlando?) then check out the Call for Papers site:

    Don't worry, this ain't English class... you don't actually have to write a paper, just slides and demos. :-) I'm on the team that gets to review your session submissions and make the hard choices about who gets to speak, so please make my job easy by writing a thorough submission with all of the great reasons you will make a top-notch TechEd presenter.

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    ABC affiliates pulling 'Private Ryan'

    <political commentary>
    It's a sad state of affairs that, with all of our great technology like V-Chips and remote controls (i.e., the power to choose), that we still have to take cues from the FCC about what we can and can't watch on television. I mean c'mon, people. The problem is not the content. If somebody wants to complain that their children are getting access to content that is innappropriate, then it takes less effort to change the channel than it does to lodge a complaint with the FCC! It just blows my mind... yes, of course, there are some public places where a certain level of censorship makes sense, like at the mall and on billboards. But in your own living room - where you, as a parent, should have complete and total control over what plays on the television, there's just no excuse to ruin it for the rest of us who want to pay homage to the great veterans of this country by way of watching Saving Private Ryan which, by the way, is an amazing film in my opinion.
    </political commentary>

    This weekend I will be excercising my freedoms by playing a little Halo 2. And if my local affiliate decides to pull Saving Private Ryan, then I'll just need to dig out the DVD.

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    Blogging in line waiting for Halo 2...


    ...just because I can. I'm waiting outside the Microsoft company store and I'm #15 in line. I can't WAIT to get in, get my copy, and start playing. Honestly I wasn't planning on even coming to get a copy today, because I didn't want to fight the lines, but when I woke up at 5:00am I considered it to be a sign. My neighbor, Elizabeth (aka KrustiGutz) is already ranked #5 in the world. :-)

    See ya online -
    Brian (aka Gr8fulDead)

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    I don't need a Rolex. Thanks.


    Dear Spammers (or, "high volume email deployers") -

    Thank you for your recent plethora of e-mails describing your fine Rolex wares. But I should tell you, before you waste another processing cycle on flooding my Junk Mail folder, that I don't wear watches. I have tried in the past, but I just can't adopt a watch into my lifestyle. Between my cell phone, PDA, laptop, and the in-brain computer tracking device they give us when we start at Microsoft <g>, I have plenty of ways to determine what time it is. And if all of those devices fail, I can just look at the sun. Scratch that... I live in Seattle... well, surely at least one of those devices will be working at any given time.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your time and the multitude of offers. But I am too busy making "$25,000 per week working from home" and "earning my college d1pl0ma."

    Yours truly -
    Brian Keller

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    Mutant League Football: Bring it back!


    Mutant League Football was, in my opinion, one of the best video games ever made. It was released in 1993 by Electronic Arts. It was a football game, except that your teams were made up of - well - mutant alien creatures. A "long bomb" equated to throwing an explosive-rigged ball to one of your receivers, ducking out of the way at the last minute, then letting the other team intercept it and getting blown to pieces! Certain fields were littered with land mines, pits, and other contraptions designed to take your players out of the game.

    Now wouldn't it be cool if EA was to release an updated version, taking advantage of all of the latest gaming technologies and platforms? My friend Ian thought so, too, so he started a petition to have EA bring the game into the 21st century.

    If you're a Mutant League fan also (there was a hockey game, too) then I encourage you to sign the petition so we can float the customer demand in front of EA.

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    idx3d engine ported to J#


    This is a really cool 3-D graphics engine that was originally authored in Java which has now been ported to J#. You can download the J# version here:

    Thanks to Peter Walser (original idx3d author) and George Birbilis (J# port author) for the link.

    Some other cool Java community projects that have been ported to the .NET Framework by way of J# include:
    - Naked Objects framework
    - TCL / JACL
    - And one of my personal favorites, TurtleTracks Logo. (I sure wish I still had my Logo projects from 5th grade...)

    If you know of other similar J# projects please let me know, I'm always interested in checking them out.

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