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Dynamics AX product-related topics for project-based businesses such as consulting, accounting, advertising, and construction.

February, 2013

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About Direct Reports

I'm the Group Program Manager for the Microsoft Dynamics AX engineering team covering Service Industries (including markets such as professional services, construction, architecture and advertising). I've been at Microsoft for over 17 years and was previously a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Amalga Hospital Information System (HIS), part of Microsoft's Health Solution Group. I also spent 8 years as the Group Program Manager for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, where my team created and delivered the Microsoft business intelligence and reporting platform for IT Pros, end users and developers as part of SQL Server and Visual Studio. I joined Microsoft after a role as software architect for a4 Health Systems, a hospital software company in my home town of Raleigh, North Carolina.

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    The Vision Thing

    Early in my career at Microsoft, I was part of one of the biggest development disasters at Microsoft (no, not Windows Vista), called WinFS. WinFS was an attempt to bring the benefits of schema and relational databases to the Windows file system. I never...
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    PM@MS - Doing the "other stuff"

    I've spent the last 17 years at Microsoft, the majority of my adult life. For most of those years, I've been in a role called "program manager". Surprisingly, one of the challenges with being a program manager at Microsoft is determining what on earth...
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    Changing the Discussion

    One of the most impressionable meetings that I have been involved in occurred early in my career at Microsoft. In was 1996 and I was a freshly minted technical evangelist working in Microsoft's Developer Relations group (DRG). DRG was a group tasked with...
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