Maybe most of you have faced the following VS 2010 error message when trying to debug or deploy a wsp file via VS 2010 in a multi-server farm:

Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': Feature with Id '2447ad0c-98d2-4363-9ef0-f217694f804e' is not installed in this farm, and cannot be added to this scope. 

Basically the error happens because VS 2010 do not support features activation on multi-server farms.

However ,the devil is in the details, the exact explanation is in a previous step. It turns out that VS 2010 internally implements a call to the method  SPSolution.DeployLocal http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.administration.spsolution.deploylocal.aspx . That method is intended for troubleshooting purpouses of wsp files and as you can read on the MSDN documentation it performs a local deployment instead of an immediate deployment (Only to one sever of the farm)

Therefore, the only solution to avoid the situation is to compile the code (build o re-build) , go to the VS 2010 top menu and select build -> package. After that a new wsp file will be created on the BIN folder of the project.

Eventually, now you are free of selecting ,PowerShell or STSAdm, in order to add a solution, deploy it and activate it


Kind Regards.

Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev. Microsoft Support Engineer for DEV EMEA