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December, 2008

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About Chris Smith's completely unique view

Chris works as a Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft, where he spends his time making sure F# is the most awesome programming language ever.

  • Chris Smith's completely unique view

    Speech Recognition is gun and easy!

    Evidently Microsoft ninjaed a new assembly into the .NET framework with the 3.0 release called System.Speech.dll. If adding speech recognition or speech synthesis to your applications sounds like fun, read on. Step 1: Train your computer The first step...
  • Chris Smith's completely unique view

    F# No Longer Vaporware

    REDMOND, WA - Sadly, after nearly four years of stringing developers along with Microsoft's longest touted non-product, F# was accidentally checked into the Visual Studio 2010 source tree Microsoft sources report. This mistake killed what would have been...
  • Chris Smith's completely unique view

    F# Zen - Array slices

    Sorry for not being as regular with blogging, I've been sick and working hard on something pretty exciting. Don will post an announcement sooner or later. Anyways, did you know that in F# you can easily take out a chunk of an array using an Array Slice...
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