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    Make Acrobat Reader load 75% faster!

    I saw this and tried it .... It is amazing! Found on slashdot. Actually, this is much easier. Go to your Acrobat\Reader folder and take everything from the "plug_ins" folder and move it into "Optional" except the following: Search.api, Search5.api...
  • Chris Johnson

    Wing Walking! - Video

    Over Easter i went skydiving over in Australia with a few friends. In the middle of the trip we decided to go wing walking. There was a guy about 3 hours drive away that let you jump out on to the wing of his Red Bi-Plane and go for a stroll before jumping...
  • Chris Johnson

    Laser Vision...

    This is totally cool. As soon as they can shrink it down in size so that you dont look like a total nerd wandering around town with one on...
  • Chris Johnson

    Shawn Farkas on DAPI

    On of the biggest things I struggle with is developers who store secret information in the clear. When i say: “Why are you doing that?” They say “Because no one will get on the box and it will remain secret” Something...
  • Chris Johnson

    News Tree map...

    This is a pretty cool way to get a good view of what is happening around the world ...
  • Chris Johnson

    XP SP2 RC1

    I installed XP SP 2 RC1 on my primary laptop about a month ago now. WOW! ... I was initially hesitant ... as i really didn't need another rebuild due to something it might do to my machine. This is the best SP i have even seen... i have not had a single...
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