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    CodePlex to support TortoiseSVN

    The number one new feature request from users is for CodePlex to support Subversion. Specifically what users are telling us they want is the features and experience they get when using TortoiseSVN as a source control client. It is important to us on the...
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    CodePlex Client Beta 2 Released

    We just released beta 2 of the CodePlex Client . This release includes a number of notable features: Anonymous Access We shipped the server-side piece of anonymous access during last Monday's CodePlex deployment. Today's Beta 2 CodePlex Client (cpc.exe...
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    Open-Sourcing the CodePlex Client

    This morning we just published a CodePlex project for our source control client . We've released the source code under the Microsoft Permissive License. The source code is already available, and the internal and external issues have been moved to the...
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