October, 2007

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    Microsoft releasing Source Code for the .NET Libraries?


    You bet!  With the release of Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft will be making viewable the Source Code for a lot of the libraries in .NET 3.5.  There will be two methods of viewing the source: a downloadable browsing format, or integrated into Visual Studio.  When integrated developers will be able to actually step through the source to the .NET classes themselves, while debugging.

    How cool would it be to take a look inside the System.Threading class?!?


    This includes the Base Class Libraries (BCL), System.Data, Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP.NET. Great stuff!

    Get the full scoop here off ScottGu's blog.  There is also a Channel 9 video where Shawn Burke discusses the announcement here.

    One of the major reasons I came to Microsoft was the companies shift in thinking.  Transparency towards its customer base and developers, starting with things like Channel 9 and most recently with things like this.  Change is good, and I hope you feel excited about drilling into some of this code as I am.  =)

    If you haven't already checked out Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, it is free download, comes with a go-live license, and is available as both a download and a vpc.  More info and download links can be found here.

  • DaveDev

    Happy 30th Atari 2600!



    Debuting in 1977 at $199 it brought gaming into the family household in a big way.  I remember getting a used Atari 2600 from an ad my parents found in the paper (200 Bucks was a lot to spend on electronics back then!).  I think it came with a couple cartridges - Missile Command (still my favorite 2600 game of which I still play now on Xbox Live), Dragracing, and Shootout.

    My parents felt they were buying us a new and exciting piece of technology - something to get their boys away from all that television and be a little more interactive.  My brother and I thought we had found a wondrous cauldron of infinite possibility, and it still didn't get us away from that TV.  The hours we spent playing those games got both of us interested in technology, and ultimately the computers that were to come after.  Perhaps our parents were smarter than we thought.  =)

    Here's to you Mr. 2600!  You can still bring a smile to my face after all these years.

    Engadget is running a story here and a little bit of history can be found here.  


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