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    Today is my last day at Microsoft


    After over six years I have decided to move on from Microsoft.  I joined in May 2007 just one month before the launch of the iPhone.  Our industry has changed so much during that time and I feel honored to have taken some small part in it.  When I sat down to write this post there were many topics I thought about covering but in the end it was the people I met that made the journey so worthwhile.  This post is for you.  In no particular order...

    Joe, Joe and Asli - you taught me how I can work hard and still play hard.  I'll never forget MIX, Chicago and AC.

    Harry - for helping me remember that little kid from Toms River I was who thought he could change the world.  I had forgotten him.  You taught me that true leaders stand alone.

    Ian and Jit - for making me believe again that technical excellence was valued.  I never enjoyed ramping up on new platforms as much as when I had you guys with me. 

    Jim - we've known each other for so long you already know how much I admire you.  Hammock up!

    Hong - for being the other half of the perfect partner team.  We drove huge wins and it was so much fun together on Xbox Apps. 

    Dani - We have a bond that was formed in the trenches of hours on the road together and hardened with faith.  I'm looking forward to many more burrito lunches.

    Tara and Lindsay - My sisters in DPE! I'm constantly amazed at your understanding and ability to connect with students.  Keep believing in yourself there is nothing you can't do.  

    Andrew, Brian, Chris, Jim, Joe, Peter and Rachel - we grew up as TE's together before people even knew what Twitter was.  No matter how much change came along you guys were the anchors and we always had each other’s backs.  Never let the experiences and lessons we've learned fade away from the team. 

    Nora, Viv, Andrea, Rebecca, Niels, Erin, Susan, and Connie - we had so many great ideas, not all of them made it through, but you made the ride worthwhile!  I couldn't have asked for a better marketing team.

    Dan, Jim, Bill, Carlos, Bob, Scott and Mark - for creating such a fun place to work and helping me realize how much I love being a technical evangelist.

    Brett - for being the best example of what a manager could be.  You helped strengthen my belief in my career and to never stop growing.  Even if that means taking a different path than I thought I would.

    Jesse - You’re one of the brightest and charismatic people I know.  You've kept me sane.  It brings a smile to my face to see what a great Evangelist you have turned into. 

    Bill and Rob - I've learned a ton about community from you guys.  Thank you for always being there and supporting me. 

    Fellow TE's - I was involved in so many of you coming to Microsoft and know how amazing you all are.  Never underestimate the impact of what you do.  You make a difference every day in the lives of developers.

    I've almost certainly left others out you know who you are.  Please reach out to me or on my new Blog if you ever want to catch up.

    As to what's next?  People leave companies for a variety of reasons and my story is no different.  Microsoft is an amazing company with some of the best people I've ever worked with.  The direction it has set up for itself will only solidify its place in the future.   For me it was time to take the next step in my career, doing the job I love, with an even bigger opportunity for impact.  I want to thank the communities I’ve been a part of, the people I’ve worked side by side with, and the leadership team that’s supported me through my career.  I’m not going to say goodbye because I know we will all run into each other again.


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    New Microsoft DevRadio Episode: World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Phone



    Via Davedev.net




    There was a slight delay with the DevRadio Episode I recorded back in June but it is now live!  If you been curious about how to share HTML5 code between Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps then this episode is worth checking out.  In this episode I walk through the World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Phone and show how I was able to share HTML5 code using the XAML based WebControl between both Phone and Windows Store Apps.  I show how I kept most of the JavaScript within in a shared file and then pull up both the Phone and Windows Store development environments  as I walk through the details.



    Hope you enjoy the episode!


    Next Steps:
    Step #1 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development
    Step #2 – Download Visual Studio Express for Windows 8
    Step #3 – Start building your own Apps for Windows 8

    If you're interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information:

    Blogs & Articles:


    Virtual Labs:

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      How do I stop Spam with WordPress hosted on Azure Websites?


      Via Davedev.net


      In my recent post on how to Setup Email with WordPress hosted on Azure Websites I mentioned the spam problem that will occur when running WordPress.  As an example here is the amount of spam I have received since moving my MSDN Blog onto WordPress in Azure Websites two months ago.


      By default any new comments on your blog posts will not be visible until you have approved them.  In the past this meant each morning I would go through 10+ comments that all lead to a crazy spam email address outside the United States.  If you’ve been running into the same issue there is a quick an easy fix!


      Log into your Azure Websites hosted WordPress dashboard, select Plugins, and then Add new.  Do a Search for Captcha and you will get back a list of popular plugins like below.


      After looking at the details and user Ratings I decided to go with Captcha.


      Once the Plugin is installed open up your Dashboard and select the Installed Plugins Menu.  Verify that the Captcha Plugin has been activated.


      You can modify the settings if you only want certain Arithmetic functions for example, but I kept the defaults as is.


      Save your changes and you are all set!  The Captcha will appear on your Login forms, comments, and registrations. 


      Registered users will not be bothered by any Captcha (you can turn this off if you wish) thus making it seamless for your blog commenters and restrictive for Spammers.



      Since I installed the Captcha plugin a few days ago I have not received a single spam comment on my Blog.  I highly recommend installing a similar plugin if you are running WordPress hosted on Azure Websites.


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      Looking to get started with Cloud Computing? Check out my new Up and Running with Azure courses!


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      I am happy to announce that I have two new courses published today on Lynda.com!  These courses are designed to take you from the very basic concepts of Cloud Computing,  installing the tools and then all the way up to creating a fully functional Cloud Application.  Full source code is included along with chapter by chapter code snippets and Visual Studio solutions.  I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did creating them.

      Up and Running with Azurelynda_dot_com-150x150

      Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables developers to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. If you have been wondering how you can take advantage of "the cloud" and integrate it into your existing IT environment, this course is for you. David Isbitski covers everything from the basics of signing up for a free Azure account to using the free developer tools, and covers each of the six major offerings from Azure: virtual machines; website development; Mobile Services for authenticating users and storing data; the Cloud Services API development and deployment tools; Data Services, which incorporates SQL, Table, and Blob storage; and app services like Service Bus for messaging. At the end, you'll tie it all together in a 5-node cloud service that processes operations through Web and Workers roles, communicates through a Service Bus message queue, and saves data to the cloud.

      Topics include:

      • What is cloud computing?
      • What is Windows Azure?
      • Creating a Windows Azure virtual machine
      • Creating and deploying an Azure website
      • Adding Worker and Web roles to your cloud service
      • Creating a new SQL database
      • Writing and reading from the Service Bus queue
      • Saving queue messages to Table storage

      Up and Running with Azure Mobile Serviceslynda_dot_com-150x150

      Windows Azure Mobile Services accelerate your mobile app development by offering easy-to-use, scalable backend services. Your websites and mobile apps can leverage its structured storage, user authentication, and push notifications in familiar programming languages. In this course, David Isbitski uses Azure Mobile Services to build a new service and connect it to an existing Windows Store game built in HTML and JavaScript. Learn to add gamer profiles with the identity service, pull down basic Facebook profile information for gamers, add high score tables to the database, and create an API that will allow anyone on the web to retrieve and display the current highest score. Dive in now and get started setting up your account, using the developer tools, and diagnosing and scaling your services across the web.

      Topics include:

      • Setting up Visual Studio, Node.js, and the Azure Mobile Services SDK
      • Creating a new Azure Mobile Service instance
      • Connecting an app to a new service
      • Creating and managing storage tables
      • Setting up Facebook authorization
      • Storing app data in the cloud
      • Sending out push notifications
      • Setting up an API service
      • Adding custom logging


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