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  • Steve Clayton

    I’m a copper

    nice plagiarism – made me smile to see the Met Police having some fun with the Microsoft Windows campaign :)
  • while (alive) { writeCode(); }

    I hang my head, and I feel shame.

    Wow. My last post was when ? Scott Hanselman posts 18 times per day, while in Africa , and I haven't posted since August ? I hang my head, and I feel shame. Well, in my own defense, I have spent a great deal of time over the last four months looking...
  • Saveen Reddy's blog

    Merging My Assemblies with ILMERGE

    I’ve been working on my VisioAutomation project for years now - it appeared on CodePlex in 2009 if I recall correctly but existed for a few years before that. In any case, as the library has grown, one thing I was never satisfied with was the number of...
  • Microsoft Developer España

    HTML Tour 2014

    El pasado 22 de abril se celebró en Madrid una de las sesiones del HTML Tour . En este evento, organizado por Plain Concepts , se busca ilustrar a los asistentes con las diferentes tecnologías, frameworks y buenas prácticas para crear...
  • Live Search

    Update on SafeSearch

    You may have read our post last week where we talked about how Smart Motion Preview and SafeSearch work together. As we mentioned, Microsoft is never done when it comes to providing tools to help customers, whether they are large enterprises, local school...
  • Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

    10 principali novità introdotte in SharePoint Online

    Articolo originale pubblicato mercoledì 3 aprile 2013 Mark Kashman (@mkashman) è SharePoint Senior Product Manager nel team di SharePoint e si occupa di SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online (SPO) presenta una lunga serie di miglioramenti...
  • The CyKho Blog

    Word embraces academics

    Microsoft just released the Beta 1 release of the Article Authoring Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 (see Pablo Fernicola's blog post .  This enables the author of an article to store their writing in a format predefined by the journal they wish to...
  • Innovation, Technology & Digital Startups

    SMAU2010 – 3 mini sessioni LIVE su Windows Azure

    Domani mattina (10-12) terrò 3 mini sessioni da SMAU all’evento online Microsoft@SMAU . Nella prima sessione faremo l’ Hello “Cloud” World con Visual Studio e .NET e faremo un deployment su Windows Azure oltre a una breve overview di SQL Azure . Nella...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 팀 블로그

    HTTPS 사용 가능 사이트에서 PerformancePoint 활용

    최초 문서 게시일: 2012년 6월 20일 수요일 이 블로그에서는 지원 센터에서 장기간 고객들의 요청을 받았지만 계속 미루고 있었던 정보를 제공하고자 합니다. HTTP 사용 가능 사이트에서 PerformancePoint Services를 구성할 때 SharePoint 목록 또는 Excel Services 데이터 원본에 대한 데이터 원본 연결을 만들려고 하면 여러 오류 메시지가 표시될 수 있습니다. 표시될 수 있는 오류 메시지 중 일부가...
  • Máquinas Falantes

    Quid novi? (#8)

    Já está disponível o nosso Programa de Avaliação Beta! Através deste Programa queremos disponibilizar a nossa tecnologia de fala em Português para todos os que estejam interessados em avaliá-la e desenvolver aplicações com funcionalidades de speech na...
  • MSDN Österreich Blog

    Innovation Award: € 10.000 für die innovativste .NET Applikation

    Am 1. Februar starten wir zum ersten mal dieses Jahr den Microsoft Innovation Award. Unternehmen, Studenten, Forschungseinrichtungen, Microsoft Partner und Kunden – alle können einreichen. Eine erste Information zum Innovation Award ist bereits online...
  • Hans VB's WebLog - For FREE!!!

    Getting Ready for Azure, SAAS, Cloud Computing (2)

    Are you getting ready for S+S, thinking about or already deploying hosted solutions? The Software-plus-Services Roadmap for ISVs A new online portal specifically for your hosted ISV customers, providing easy access to S+S resources across all Microsoft...
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