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  • Developing the Future

    Don XML is speaking at Lehigh Valley .NET!

    Don Demsak will be speaking at the next Lehigh Valley .NET UG meeting on Web Services. If you can make it, I highly recommend it! When: Wednesday, June 21 6:30 - 8:30pm Where: Northampton Community College - Bethlehem, PA More info: http://lehighvalleydotnet...
  • MSDN Österreich Blog

    .NET Framework 3.0 - Formerly Known as WinFX

    Ursprünglich sollte das Windows Framework, kurz WinFX, einen Aufsatz auf die aktuelle Version des .NET Frameworks, 2.0, darstellen. Die drei Hauptsäulen dieser Erweiterung stellten die umfangreichen Frameworks Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows...
  • Office Development is more than VBA

    Open XML SDK v1 released

    Die Version 1 deckt die Open Packaging Conventions ab, man braucht also keine Relationships oder Content Types mehr "von Hand" einzutragen. Auch gibt es Parts als Objekte, mit denen viel besser umgegenagen werden kann. Open XML Formats SDK Download Open...
  • One Louder

    Being "too nice"...something I've never been accused of

    Here's an article on MSN careers on the difference between being "nice" and "too nice" (a pushover). I've never been accused of being a pushover. But early in my career (ironically, when I worked for the company that produced the article), I have to admit...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    MEDC 2006 Melbourne Australia Connected Devices Session slide deck is now posted

    The slides from Nick's and my MEDC 2006 session on Connected Devices is posted up at If you have any questions then please post them against my or Nick's blog!! Cheers and thanks...
  • Word Test Blog

    Test from b2

    Microsoft has now formally launched the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) Program , which has been in beta testing for over a year. The Microsoft Certified Architect Program identifies top industry experts in IT Architecture. These architects can...
  • NicolBlog

    What a fantastic 'for dummies' tutorial on AJAX

    Check it out.
  • Nick MacKechnie

    INFO-MUL: Interesting Downloads for Week Ending 6-13-2008

    Please find attached the listings of new or updated downloads for the week ending 13th June 2008.  Key ones include: Infrastructure Development & Operations • Windows Server 2008 Power Savings • Optimize and Secure Your Core Infrastructure...
  • Test Guide

    Types And Styles And Body Parts, Oh My

    MBTI describes how I interact with the world. NLP explains why I write and do not make murals. A & P claims to know why I am a boy not a girl. And... What's that? I've set your brain a-whirl? How to decipher this alphabet soup? How to apply it...
  • Microsoft Bob

    SQL Server 2005 High-Availability Options (Distilled)

    Have you ever been asked by a high-level architect or CIO what Microsoft's approach is to a given scenario?  If you have, then you know the challenges faced because as you read through MSDN and TechNet and even at the site level, you...
  • bharry's WebLog


    クリスマス休暇のころ、私は 3 つの「調査」をお約束しましたが、実際のところこのうち 2 つについてしかまだ説明していませんでした。やっと 3 番目の調査に取りかかることができました。 次回のリリースでは、分岐とマージの管理を簡単にするために設計された新機能を数多くお届けする予定です。現時点では、既にある分岐、分岐間の関連、過去に発生したマージ、まだ発生していないマージなどの把握を容易にするための機能に重点を置きます。この問題に対して、私たちは、現場で実際に直面するシナリオに基づいた分析と...
  • Evangelism for Microsoft ISVs, BizSpark Startups & Network Partners

    Microsoft Dynamics Platform Adoption Stories: Logotec S+S

    In this Microsoft Dynamics Platform Adoption Stories series, I will continue to share success stories of my managed ISVs, highlighting their platform adoption experience, their Aha moments and advice to newer ISVs to be successful. Enjoy the next one...
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