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  • Blog de l’équipe Microsoft SharePoint

    Intégration des métadonnées de personnes dans les recherches de contenu à l’aide de règles de requête dans SharePoint 2013

    Article original publié le lundi 20 août 2012 J’avoue que ce titre est assez long et pompeux, j’en conviens. Mais de quoi Steve veut-il donc nous parler ici ? Eh bien, laissez-moi reformuler de cette manière. Il y a...
  • Gold Coast

    The Dynamics CRM resource so many have been looking for

    • 0 Comments The CRM Field Guide is an essential guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that everyone should have on their bookshelf. This book offers you details not only on CRM fundamentals and extensibility points but also the tried and true...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    SLC Camp New York City Oct 20-21 2012

    SLC camps are informal conferences where developers can come together to contribute, discuss, share and problem-solve, and are an important tool of open source code development. The SLC camps are open to teachers, students, administrators, IT pros, generalists...
  • US DPE Azure Connection

    Unpacking from DevReach 2012

    Wow! Just got back from DevReach in Sofia, Bulgaria. What a great event. I have never felt more like a VIP as a speaker than at DevReach, they really know how to take care of you. I never, at any … Continue reading → more
  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    Who’s on 8? Cups

    Cups is a recent addition to the Windows Store, the efforts of Julio Colon of ALOMSoftware. I asked Julio to give me a few words I could sprinkle into a blog post about his experiences in building the game, and he provided such a great write-up that I...
  • The blog of Rob Margel - Windows Help

    Bumper update of 8 images to the bing dynamic theme for Windows

    Its been nearly a month since i last spotted an updated to the bing dynamic theme for Windows , however last night we got a bumper 8 new images added… Young caracal in a wildlife sanctuary near Windhoek, Namibia Banggai Cardinalfish, Lembeh Strait, North...
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 – Is your institution entering teams

      Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is the world’s most prestigious student technology competition, bringing together student innovators from all over the world. If you have a great idea for a new app, bring it to life through Imagine Cup. With Microsoft resources...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Online Windows Phone 8 JumpStart-Training

    In den nächsten zwei Tagen findet in Redmond und Online ein JumpStart-Training zu Windows Phone 8-Entwicklung statt. Das Training beinhaltet alle wesentlichen Neuerungen für Windows Phone 8 und wird darüberhinaus auch Live gestreamt. Mehr Informationen...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 小組部落格


    英文原文已於 2012 年 10 月 27 日星期六發佈 如果您習慣使用舊版 SharePoint,可能注意到舊版包含清單、文件庫、圖片庫、討論區清單及問卷等不同的使用者介面。此差異是基於技術差異,對使用者而言可能無關緊要,反而會產生許多混淆。例如,問卷和圖片庫只包含一種選項,為何獨自需要專屬類別;而清單類別卻可能包含許多選項?還有,誰會認為行事曆是清單? 圖 1:SharePoint 2010 網站的左側導覽區域範例,顯示不同的清單和文件庫分類。 當我們還在思考如何解決網站上的功能遭到奇怪分類的問題時...
  • Microsoft SharePoint チームのブログ

    SharePoint 2013 のハイブリッド検索

    原文の記事の投稿日: 2012 年 11 月 6 日 (火曜日) このリリースの SharePoint を設計する際の主な指針の 1 つは、一貫したクラウド エクスペリエンスをユーザーに提供することでした。私たちは、クラウドが大きなメリットをもたらすことを理解していますが、その度合いや方法は個々のお客様によって異なります。また、クラウドを利用するために、お客様が Office に期待する豊富な機能を犠牲にしないように構築しています。 マイクロソフトのお客様はさまざまな形で...
  • Brian Harry的中文博客

    Visual Studio 2012 Update 1可用了

    [原文发表地址]  Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is available [原文发表时间]  2012-11-27 2:40 在 Soma的博客上 阅读更多相关内容。您可以通过VS 2012 IDE (Tools [工具]–>Extensions & Updates [扩展&更新]) 轻松地获取此Visual Studio 更新, 您也可以 在此 获得TFS Update 1(和其他组件)。 我一直在谈论Update 1 ,现在给予概述...
  • ondrejstastny

    TFS 2012 Web Access Customizations, Part 2: Extension template

    In this part of our on-going series about TFS 2012 Web Access customizations we are going look at the actual blueprint for the Work Item control. In the next article you will learn about packaging the extension, providing all the necessary metadata and...
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