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  • 肖江的博客

    Privacy Statement

    程序猿日历在此特别提醒,您欲访问和使用程序猿日历,请事先认真阅读本协议中各条款,包括免除或者限制我方责任的免责条款及对您的权利限制; 如果您代表公司使用程序猿日历所提供服务,您在此向程序猿日历承诺您有权代表公司,您对本协议的接受将被自动视为您所代表的公司对本协议的接受; 1. 使用协议的接受与修改 本协议是用户(您)与程序猿日历之间的协议,程序猿日历依据本协议为您提供服务。 1.1 本协议服务条款构成您(无论是个人或者单位)使用程序猿日历所提供服务之先决条件。如您不同意本协议服务条款或其随时对其的修改...
  • SteveYong's WebLog

    Too many projects, too little time.

    I'm not complaning, because I love the projects. I feel lucky being able to work with the latest technology, for the most interesting customers. Here's an interesting one: I'm working on an integration solution using Biztalk 2004, which integrates...
  • Innovation Showcase

    GodMode for Developers in Windows 7

    The so-called "GodMode" settings folder in Windows 7 is just one of many shortcuts intended to help developers access internal settings. Below is a screenshot from my Windows 7 PC. For more detail, check out this CNET’s blog post . Technorati...
  • A Business of Hapiness with Microsoft technologies

    The IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit

    The FREE SEO Toolkit from Microsoft helps you improve the volume and quality of traffic to your Website from search engines like Bing and Google. Download and install it today with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.
  • Official Microsoft Partner Network Blog

    Need Assistance Building Games for Window 8?

    From design to code, learn how to make your game stand out and attract attention in the Windows Store. Sign up here to receive expert assistance, one-on-one consultations, and more.
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    UK Employment and the benefits of Microsoft IT Academy

    The Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) Program is a college and career ready education program available to all accredited academic institutions. The program is designed to provide students, educators and staff with the latest Microsoft technology skills necessary...
  • BizTalk: Notes from the field

    MDTM Timestamp Issue with BizTalk 2010 FTP Adapter

    Ever received below error in your BizTalk even log when you are trying to receive Files from a FTP server using BizTalk 2010 FTP adapter? The adapter "FTP" raised an error message. Details "TimeStamp retrieval Failed. Ensure that FTP server supports...
  • The blog of Rob Margel - Windows Help

    Download free Watch_Dogs theme for Windows

    Watch_Dogs theme “Delve into the dystopian world of Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug on a mission of revenge, in this free Windows theme for Watch_Dogs , the new gaming experience from Ubisoft” Download Watch_Dogs theme for Windows Rob...
  • Clemens Vasters.

    Push vs. Pull

    Here’s from my Channel 9 Subscribe blog, an ad-hoc, single-take whiteboard discussion on "push" and "pull" communication patterns. There's a lot of talk in the industry on push (see push notifications) and pulling/polling (long polling vs. web sockets...
  • The Longest Path

    hello, world

  • Microsoft Green Blog

    Congratulations to OSIsoft – Winner of Microsoft’s Sustainability Partner of the Year Award

    This week, thousands of people are gathering in Los Angeles, California for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) . WPC is an annual gathering for the Microsoft partner community to learn about Microsoft’s roadmap for the upcoming year, network...
  • Microsoft Green Blog

    Intelligently Managing the Earth's Ecosystem

    Many of you who follow me on Twitter may have figured out that I, and my product team in Microsoft, have been investing in environmental sustainability solutions. One specific custom solution, called Eye on Earth, was developed by Microsoft and the European...
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