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  • Microsoft Partner Network Blog | Microsoft Australia

    Proud to Be a Presales Technical Specialist Sweepstakes Underway!

    For the next four weeks, you can enter for a chance to win Amazon gift cards through the Proud to be a Presales Specialist Sweepstakes*! To participate, pass any qualifying Microsoft Presales Technical Specialist accreditation between November 18 and...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    Server Side Office Programming

    Hmmm, this has come up a couple of times of recent as to how to best approach server side programming of Office documents, the old approach was typically around automating Office on the server but this did caused problems with instances of Word and Excel...
  • David Boschmans Weblog

    Mind Map of Office 2007 Resources

    Don Campbell created an excellent mind map of 2007 Office System resources.He also attached the original file for the MindManager users and a link to the free MindManager viewer . Provide Don with some feedback when you think he has missed something!...
  • J.D. Meier's Blog

    100 Top Agile Blogs

    Luis Goncalves has put together a list called the 100 Top Agile Blogs : If you don't know Luis, he lives and breathes driving adoption of Agile practices. Luis is also an Agile Coach, Co-Author, Speaker, and Blogger.  He is also the co-founder of...
  • OneCode Team Blog

    [Sample Of Oct. 21] How to intercept JavaScript alert in WebView in Windows Store apps

    Oct. 21 Sample : The Windows 8 & 8.1 WebView control will not show JavaScript Alerts that are raised by the webpage inside the WebView. This presents a challenge...
  • IEBlog 日本語

    Internet Explorer と Windows 10 Technical Preview

    2014 年 10 月 1 日に、次期バージョンの Windows をプレビューできる Windows 10 Technical Preview が公開されました。Technical Preview は Windows インサイダー プログラムに参加 いただいた場合にのみインストールできますが、Internet Explorer の最新機能を確認するのにもうってつけであるため、ぜひプログラムにご参加ください。今回のブログでは、IE の新機能と、UserVoice プラットフォームでの Internet...
  • Harikharan's Blog

    Get Started with Microsoft Azure Web Sites (MAWS)

    This is my first blog post and I am hoping to write a series of posts on Azure Web Sites. This blog post will provide some useful quick links to get started with Microsoft Azure Web Sites (MAWS). Microsoft Azure Web Sites (
  • brandf's XNA Indie Game blog

    Four Bros Studio has released Volume 1 of Taptitude on WP7 Marketplace

      My first XNA game for Windows Phone 7 is out the door.  One thing that is nice about XNA is that I was able to leverage a ton of code from my previous Xbox 360 game (Wayne The Brain).  This time around we decided to do a collection of...
  • Lisa (Feigenbaum) Cohen

    PDC Podcast with Jesse Liberty

    Jesse Liberty has a great podcast show called “Yet Another Podcast” . I spent some time with Jesse at the last PDC in Redmond, where we chatted about some recent releases: - Microsoft® Visual Basic® CTP for Windows® Phone Developer Tools:
  • Cloud Computing @ Microsoft France

    Windows Intune est disponible

    Nous annonçons aujourd’hui le lancement de la solution en nuage Windows Intune, qui permet l'administration et la sécurisation de vos postes de travail sans nécessiter de serveurs supplémentaires dans votre infrastructure, tout en homogénéisant son parc...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 小組部落格

    ULS 記錄的秘訣

    ULS 記錄的秘訣 UPDATE 2-4-2011: 我建議查看這個的更新範例,網址為: 。 新範例較佳且更實用 當我將某些 ULS 記錄新增至最近的專案,我注意到一個煩人的副作用。 在 ULS 記錄中,此「區域」會顯示為 "Unknown"。 我知道這個問題的某些層面一直出現在其他地方,但是我就是想要盡快張貼一篇文章,以說明我找到可處理此問題的最權宜方法...
  • Weblog MSDN de Thomas Conté

    Présentation “MongoDB et .NET” à la conférence MongoFR

    Un retour d’expérience technique, détaillé et très intéressant sur la mise en oeuvre de MongoDB au sein d’une plate-forme .NET pour le site Citiz’Art , présenté par Erwan de Cadoudal à la conférence Mongo France 2011 . Mongo db with C# View more presentations...
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