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  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    New Developments in XNA Resources

    Well the big announcement at the X NA Blog this week was the new community games option now available at XBOX Live. Well that and the new redesign and other extra added features of the XNA Creators Club site. It’s pretty interesting that premium members...
  • Chris Koenig

    UI Patterns at DFWUPA

    I attended a great meeting of the DFW Usability Professionals User Group meeting this month at the Central Market in Dallas.  The small room was filled to the brim to see Brian Sullivan talk about Design Patterns .  I was very curious about...
  • Microsoft NZ Student and Academic Blog

    Intro To Web Frameworks

    Introduction to Web Frameworks Jed Laundry It's always been a recurring theme that developers love to code their own solutions, especially when it comes to websites like blogs etc. Using an existing package such as WordPress is so quick and...
  • Robert Hu's Blog

    設定 Web Server 支援 Silverlight 元件

    要佈署 Silverlight 元件到 Web Server 上是一件很簡單的事情,雖然 Silverlight 是微軟的技術,但不表示非微軟的 Web Server 就不能夠使用 Silverlight。Silverlight 元件可以佈署到 Apache 或是其他的 Web Server 上,即使是使用 Linux 平台也沒問題。 但是有一點必須要注意,大部分的 Web Server (除了 IIS 7) 之外並沒有設定 Silverlight 相關的 MIME Type (.xaml/.xap...
  • Satisfy Me

    News: Microsoft Office to get ODF, PDF support

    In this morning's news, Microsoft Expands List of Formats Supported in Microsoft Office ... " The 2007 Microsoft Office system will support XML Paper Specification (XPS), Portable Document Format (PDF) 1.5, PDF/A and Open Document Format (ODF) v1.1 with...
  • SBSC Canada Blog

    BlueSky Innovation Excellence Award

    Submit Your Application for the 2010 Blue Sky Awards Microsoft is presenting the third annual Blue Sky Innovation Awards to reward innovations that break conventional processes or go beyond marginal improvements in existing applications. If you're a Canadian...
  • 荒井省三のBlog

    WPF4 ベータ2 におけるイナーシアについて

    今回は、WPF4ベータ2のイナーシア(慣性)を説明します。イナーシアは慣性という日本語訳をしますが、なぜ慣性というかといえば、タッチした動作に基づいて運動量の強弱を表現するからです。Windows SDK に記載されている運動量のグラフが以下になります。 このグラフをみると、Velocityが時間の経過とともに減衰するのがわかります。このような時間経過に伴う運動量の増減を処理するために、Win32 API では InertiaProcessor が用意されています。 イナーシアの動作を理解するためには...
  • Русский блог про Biztalk

    Мастер анализа производительности BizTalk Server

    На всякий случай, если вы пропустили это событие, спешим вам сообщить о том, что около двух недель тому назад несколько разработчиков из состава групп BizTalk Server и SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (CAT) опубликовали на Codeplex очень полезный инструмент...
  • The Xbox LIVE Community Team talks Games...and stuff

    Breaking Benjamin and Xbox MVPs

    It’s a good weekend of game playing on Xbox LIVE. Start off your Saturday by playing Guitar Hero 5 with the band Breaking Benjamin . They’ll be playing the game online from 1-3 PM ET on February 20, so send your friend requests and get ready to play ...
  • Junfeng Dai's Blog

    Spec Explorer Help Integration with Visual Studio 2010

    Spec Explorer team recently released version 3.1 for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate on Spec Explorer Devlabs portal . One highlight feature is help integration with Visual Studio 2010. I am going to show you how to use this feature here. First of...
  • Новости Русского MSDN

    Пять новых видеороликов о ASP.NET 4 и Visual Studio 2010!

    Джо Стэгнер (Joe Stagner) из корпорации Microsoft представляет серию коротких видеороликов «Quick Hit», посвященных новым возможностям ASP.NET 4 и Visual Studio 2010 .
  • Andre Dias

    Capacity Planning no TFS 2010

    Uma dúvida muito frequente que as pessoas tem quando vão instalar o Team Foundation Server pela primeira vez é: " Que tipo de máquina eu preciso para instalar o TFS? ". Na verdade, essa é apenas a primeira pergunta, pois logo em seguida vem...
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