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  • Зеркало: Воскресные байты изнутри Microsoft

    Вышел Windows Server R2

    Вышла новая версия Windows Server - Windows Server R2 . New & Updated Features: Customer situations and solutions addressed by Windows Server 2003 R2 include: [New] Reduce cost and complexity of managing remote servers with...
  • Coding4Fun

    Need Help Finding a Xbox 360?

    No doubt you have seen them - the websites that monitor and report on Xbox 360 inventory availability from dozens of retail outlets. Well, Jarem Archer of has shown the Coding4Fun spirit by using Visual C# 2.0 to build a truly cool...
  • jrjBlog

    A hidden advantage of HDTV

    I discovered a hidden advantage to having an HDTV: within 15 minutes of sending the invitation to your Super Bowl party, 100% of the invitees RSVP "yes." Here's looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday in all its high definition glory... go Seahawks!
  • Leading Trump - Pradeep U.N. & his Blog about Nothing.

    ..I'd expect my presentation-coach to follow his own advice!

    So my first "Ship" at Microsoft is in 2 wks - hence my relative absence from blogging. In 2 wks - The Microsoft Risk Assessment Program for Security will have been "SKU-ed" and released to the field. Enough of random rambling - on to the topic - my presentation...
  • Inside Architecture

    Better software cost estimation tools are needed

    Geeky topic: Why has there been so little investment in software cost estimation? I know that Boehm at USC created the Cocomo model and a really cheesy and unusable tool for cost estimation. No one can understand it, and it is impossible to train a...
  • Brian Jones: Office Solutions

    Introduction to Word documents

    Now that folks have had a chance to work with Beta 1 for a few months, I wanted to take some time to give a high level overview of the three different document formats. Today I'm going to focus on Word. Obviously there is a huge set of features and functionality...
  • David Wang

    ASP Application, Large Memory Needs, and 64bit IIS6

    Ok... I still have not gotten around to writing that uber blog entry/guide on the ins and outs of 64bit IIS6 and WOW64... so I wager I should take little bites here and there as motivation. Writing big long technical articles that try to answer lots...
  • Ben Armstrong

    The Settlers under Virtual PC

    Ah, I can still remember when I first got this game. The Settlers is an incredibly addictive game, and to prove it the game actually has a timer built into it where every two hours it will popup and tell you 'You have been playing for X hours straight...
  • Business Scorecard Manager Team Blog

    New OBA Partner blog

    Joey Fitts has recently joined the team as the Global Bus Dev Mgr - OBA Partners. His blog will provide info on partner events, training, and serve as a general resource for current/prospective partner companies. Check it out here .
  • Ryan Donovan's Commerce Server WebLog

    (Belated) Commerce Server on Channel 9

    • 0 Comments I figured I should probably finally post a link to my team's interview with Channel 9. I don't think we should give up our day jobs to go into showbusiness anytime soon, though the content...
  • Xbox Engineering

    Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenido...

    Welcome to the Xbox Team blog! Now that Xbox 360 has been out there and is being enjoyed by a ton of people, a couple of us here on the Xbox team at Microsoft thought we'd give the community an inside scoop on what it's like working here. We'd also like...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    new Web 2.0 Journal site

    Dion Hinchcliffe, the Editor-in-Chief of the brand new Web 2.0 Journal site has posted his launch piece today. Congrats Dion!: "Though it's a complex and often subtle topic - and recognizing that Web 2.0 definitions vary across the community - we...
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