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  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    TechFest 2008

    Mark October 23-24 on your calendars. We'll be having Singapore's largest developer and IT pro event named TechFest. Details to follow soon...
  • go ahead, mac my day

    the holiday shopping season is upon us

    buy Office! be productive! ...
  • Canadian Solution Developers' Blog

    The Challenge is On - Start with 30 minutes a day for a Week

    The shorter version of this interview originally aired on Episode 2 of D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE , streamed live on January 4, 2012. Watch D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE every 1st Wednesday of the month and on-demand. More >> Continuing with the theme...
  • The Office Live Guy

    The future of news

    There’s been a lot of debate recently about the way in which news will be authored and delivered in future. Traditional newspapers are increasingly struggling to make ends meet as their readers go online for news and seem unwilling to pay for it there...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Turn your hidden talents into a business opportunity

    Over the years I’ve met some very talented people through work. Some great managers, inspirational leaders, passionate evangelists and enlightened marketers to name but a few. However, just when you think you know someone, they can surprise you with a...
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Windows 8 Developer Preview VM

    There was certainly no shortage of information and demo’s from the Build event. I think the best part of the conference was the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Those that were there received a tablet with this already loaded but for...
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Exploring Project Estimation

    If you ever have the pleasure of working here at Microsoft you’ll find that there is certainly no shortage of passionate people who have great ideas and want to share them with you. I was recently introduced to such a team that was comprised of...
  • Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Partner Roadshow Update: Important Information!

    Attention all MSDYNGP partners. We delivered our first roadshow yesterday in Dallas. We had terrific feedback and the partners who attended were excited. We did however find a communication issue were certain roles didn't know they should attend. Below...
  • Engineering Windows 7

    Windows 제품 계획 - 피드백 반영

    편집 노트: Windows 플래닝 & PC 에코시스템 팀을 리드하는 Mike Angiulo 를 소개합니다. Mike 의 팀은 우리의 모든 하드웨어, 소프트웨어 파트너와 긴밀히 일을 하고 있습니다. 또, 새 버전의 Windows 에 대한, 엔지니어링 팀의 제품 플래닝과 리서치를 담당하고 있습니다.  --Steven Windows 에는 우리의 고객과 시장에 대해 배우기 위한 여러 가지 종류의 방법이 있고, 그것은 모두 우리가 무엇을 개발하기...
  • Russian Coding 4 Fun

    Поделиться праздничными фото с помощью службы Photo Sharing

    Грэг Дункан У вас куча фотографий после праздников? Хотя вы всё знаете о различных сервисах и сайтах, позволяющих публиковать фотографии и делиться ими с друзьями, как разработчик вы хотите свой собственный сервис, не так ли? И, возможно, использовать...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    Resources for iOS Developers to Create Windows Apps

    Set up dev environment on your Mac. You can create a virtualization solution for cross-platform development on OSX . Check out my previous post on how to install Windows 8 and developer tools on Mac. Learn how to build Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 apps...
  • DPE Nigeria

    Free Programming Windows Phone 7 eBooks

    You can download Free eBooks about programming on Windows Phone from the below links. Programming Windows Phone 7 PDF EPUB MOBI Programming Windows Phone 7 (Special Excerpt 2) PDF [Please read the DISCLAIMER for this blog here .]
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