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  • Gamerscore Blog

    Free Burnout Revenge download

    Starting today, some retail stores will offer a Burnout Revenge download for free at their in-store Xbox 360 kiosks. To get the download, you'll need to bring in your memory card and insert them into a kiosk at BestBuy, Circuit City, GameStop, Target...
  • My 00000010 cents

    Splash Screens in VB 2005

    One of the things we provided in the application model for VB is the ability to easily integrate a splash screen into your application. We take care of displaying it, making sure it displays for at least some user specifiable period of time, and taking...
  • Joris Kalz's WebLog on MSDN

    Updated version of the Software Development Kit

    Have you seen the updated SDK? The updated download can be found here: The following table contains a summary of changes: ...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Random ICorDebugThread trivia

    Here's random information about ICorDebugThread that I hope eventually makes it into MSDN: 1. The managed CreateThread callback comes at the first bit of managed code that a thread runs. (I think this is a bad for these reasons , and instead it should...
  • John Bristowe's Weblog

    Windows Live Messenger Rocks

    Windows Live Messenger represents next-generation instant messaging on the Windows platform. From the improved user interface to new features like document/folder sharing, Windows Live Messenger offers a very compelling experience for its users. Recently...
  • Benjamin Wright-Jones

    MSH & SMO

    I've started playing around with MSH to see what it can do and how it may be of use to DBA's. This article goes even further to...
  • Robert McMurray's Blog [MSFT]

    To geek, or not to geek...

    Like most of the computer-obsessed friends that I hang out with, I am often called a geek by the non-techie types that I have to interact with. (That list of non-techies includes my wife, by the way. ☺ ) I wondered if that was a label that I should...
  • Thomas Dreller's Blog

    AdventureWorks Cinema - Eine Beispielanwendung

    Manuela Miller bat um Unterstützung, um eine von studentischen Mitgliedern des Microsoft Academia-Programms erstellte Beispielanwendung bekannter zu machen - was ich natürlich sehr gerne tue; schliesslich sind die Stundenten in dem programm die Lead Programmer...
  • Mark D'Urso's Blog

    SF VSLive 2006

    I will be posting my updated Deck and Code Examples from my session on Large Scale 2.0 Rendering on or before 2/3/06 Samples include the Virtual Shrink example using the VirtualPathProvider, the Master Pages exmple and two examples using the...
  • XAML Chick

    MIX, The Next Web NOW!

    The first conference of it's kind. If you do business on the Web today, it's likely that more than 90% of your customers reach you via Microsoft® Internet Explorer and/or Microsoft Windows®. MIX the NEXT web, you will: Be the first to get...
  • Albatross!

    Multiple IEs on one machine

    With the recent release of a preview of IE7 beta 2, there's been another slew of demands for "standalone IE", and much posturing on both sides about whether Microsoft can/should provide this. I said to Molly Holzschlag of the Web Standards Project...
  • Test Guide

    Through The Glass Darkly

    Testing is often divided into two types: black box testing, where you poke at the product from the outside and don't have a clue how it's put together or what makes it tick, and white box testing, where you inspect source code and execute the product...
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