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  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft lines up

    I left the Bellevue mall at 11am and still there were HUGE lines to get in to the Microsoft Store that opened 90 minutes earlier. Impressive stuff. There were a ton of Microsoft staff around – I bumped in to quite a few old friends and a lot of our exec...
  • Vittorio Bertocci

    ADAL 3 didn’t return refresh tokens for ~5 months… and nobody noticed

    New post!!!
  • o-LIVE-r

    Silverlight 2 ist da!!!!

    Seit einigen Stunden ist nun endlich die finale Version von Silverlight 2 verfügbar. Nach zwei Beta-Versionen und einem Release-Kandidaten, die bereits seit über einem Jahr für alle Entwickler verfügbar waren, gibt es nun die finale Variante von Version...
  • Thoughts from Magneto

    Word 2013: Programmatically Determine if Reviewing Pane is Open

    Scenario: In previous versions of Word, you may have been able to access the View.SplitSpecial property to verify if the Reviewing Pane is open. However, in Word 2013, View.SplitSpecial is value 0 whether the Reviewing Pane is open or closed. Additionally...
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV UK Blog

    Postcard from Convergence

    Dear all Convergence is once more over and this time the strongest theme was NAV 2009. The Product Team from Corp, put on some great demonstrations (we even Had Kiril playing the part of a warehouseman) and it has to said that the Web Services piece...
  • Microsoft Press

    Sample chapter: Using decision statements

    After completing this chapter from Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step, 8th Edition , you will be able to: Declare Boolean variables. Use Boolean operators to create expressions whose outcome is either true or false. Write if statements to make decisions...
  • An Empathetic Listener

    Unsolicited Windows Vista Testimonial

    One of the best things about volunteering for booth duty at a broad community event is that you meet exceptional people. Joyce is one of those people.  The city of Phoenix had a “Phoenix Rising” event on Saturday, December 27 to commemorate the startup...
  • Steven Edouard's Blog

    A Stroll Through Node: Introduction

    This is the first part of the Node.js Introductory series, A Stroll Through Node. This walkthrough gets you started with the most basic Node.js server and the basics of Node's asynchronous programming behavior. Continue to my blog to read the full walk...
  • .NET at the train

    El cambio que no debería afectarnos

    Me he topado con un cliente afectado por un cambio que ha habido en IE8 por el cual, así a bote pronto, parece que nadie debería verse afectado. Resulta que en IE8 han cambiado el nombre de las funciones que se generan internamente cuando agregamos un...
  • 高橋 忍のブログ

    CheckBoxStyle の修正:スタイルを作ったら辞書に登録♪

    #wpdev_jp #win8dev_jp さて、前回の作ったCheckBox Style をちょっと修正。こういったオリジナルの部品は単体のファイルとして保存しておくといいですね。 リソースはまとめて再利用 リソースは ResourceDictionary ファイルとして保存しておくと便利なのでお勧めです。今回のリソースも ResourceDictionary にまとめてみました。この ResourceDictionary は Windows 8 / Windows Phone...
  • !analyze -v

    [Hyper-V]How to: Upgrade Hyper-V to Hyper-V R2

    아래 문서에서 Hyper-V 에서 Hyper-V R2 로 upgrade 하는 내용을 설명하고 있습니다.
  • !analyze -v

    SCVMM 에서 VM의 CPU profile

    Hyper-V UI에서는 CPU 갯수는 설정할 수 있지만 CPU Type은 설정할 수 없습니다. 하지만 SCVMM에서는 CPU Type을 설정할 수 있습니다. 즉 CPU 가 1.00GHZ Pernium 3 Xeon 인지 2.40GHZ Xeon 인지 등을 설정할 수 있습니다. Library 에서 VM을 생성해서 어떤 Host 에 위치 시킬지 결정할 때 이 정보가 사용되는데 만약 CPU 사용률을 100%로 설정해 놓은 후 CPU Type을 변경하면...
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