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  • Miguel Saez

    Llegando a Seattle

    El vuelo demoró unas 11 horas a Chicago, y unas 4 hasta Seattle. En Chicago estaba empezando a nevar y aquí para variar, día frío y nublado. Hace 6 meses que no andaba por estos lares, así que me siento medio turista de nuevo...
  • Doug Holland - An Architects Perspective

    Windows Phone Camp - 12/7/2012 - Mountain View, CA

        Mountain View, CA Friday, Dec. 7th 9:00am - 4:00pm FREE EVENT Seating is limited, so register today. A Windows Phone Camp is a FREE event where you can learn everything you need to know to develop and publish a Windows Phone application...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 팀 블로그

    HTTPS 사용 가능 사이트에서 PerformancePoint 활용

    최초 문서 게시일: 2012년 6월 20일 수요일 이 블로그에서는 지원 센터에서 장기간 고객들의 요청을 받았지만 계속 미루고 있었던 정보를 제공하고자 합니다. HTTP 사용 가능 사이트에서 PerformancePoint Services를 구성할 때 SharePoint 목록 또는 Excel Services 데이터 원본에 대한 데이터 원본 연결을 만들려고 하면 여러 오류 메시지가 표시될 수 있습니다. 표시될 수 있는 오류 메시지 중 일부가...
  • ALM and Beyond

    Visual Studio 11 Beta

    The Visual Studio Beta has been released and if you think it’s just a new skin think again. I’ll leave it to the VS team’s blog to list all of the new features although I will provide my color commentary on some of them. First...
  • MSDN Up North

    Opplading til MSDN Live med Azure

    Cloud computing med Windows Azure er en platform som gir mange nye muligheter for deg som er utvikler. På MSDN Live i gir vi deg en god innføring i hva dette kan bety for deg. I vinter kom Clemens Vasters til Oslo for å snakke om .NET Services. Clemens...
  • Windows Small Business Server Documentation

    Happy (Belated) Anniversary to our Blog!

    Can you believe it? The milestone slipped by quietly, but November 15th marked the 5th anniversary of the Windows SBS and EBS Documentation blog. Incredible. True, it may not be the most cutting edge of blogosphere rags, and it is not the most active...
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Blog

    Limitations on Data in GP

    I found this article on another GP Blog by Victoria Yudin, , and wanted to share it with all of you. Also since I am using this blog post by Victoria I thought I should promote another great GP Blog that you could set-up a RSS...
  • ロバート的ライフサイクル: Infinite Possibilities in a Finite World

    日本語版 Visual Studio 2008 アンケート受付中

    今日は高頻度で更新をしています、ロバートです。 いや、ホントに暇な訳ではないんです… ただ、シェアしたいことが沢山あるだけなんです! と言うことで、日本語版の Visual Studio 2008 についてのアンケート を、製品開発統括本部がしているようです。 アンケートそのものは こちらから 行けます。 製品を利用して思うことを、率直にフィードバックして下さいね! フィードバックについては、以前も書いているので 言うまでもないと思いますが、悪いことだけじゃなく、良いところもフィードバックして下さいね...
  • Thoughts and Notes

    Deleting Data From a Huge Databases

    Often, anyone who is interested to migrate a database to a new system or looking for ways to replicate in a naive way, following is a TSQL approach. I used this approach to reduce the database of order 200GB with multiple data files into the order less...
  • IEBlog Français

    Réglez vos montres : des calculs de date et d'heure passées plus précis sur le Web

    Réglez vos montres : des calculs de date et d'heure passées plus précis sur le Web Pour toucher un public mondial, les développeurs Web souhaitent créer des applications internationales. Avec Internet Explorer 10, le concept d'heure d'été pour les...
  • IEBlog Français

    Mise à jour sur les informations et le problème de sécurité présumés concernant le positionnement de la souris

    Au cours de ces derniers jours, nous avons vu des rapports alléguant d'un abus dans le comportement du navigateur concernant le positionnement de la souris. Microsoft travaille étroitement avec d'autres sociétés pour résoudre le problème du positionnement...
  • Saveen Reddy's blog

    Draw Kuler Colors in Visio

    Sample code to import colors from Kuler into Visio. This code makes use of LINQ to XML, C# 3.0, Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, Visual 2007, the AutoVisio library, Adobe Kuler , and the Kuler API . This code just takes the highest rated Kuler colors and...
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