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  • Блог команды Microsoft SharePoint

    Новый сайт "I Use SharePoint"

    Дата публикации исходной статьи: суббота, 25 июня 2011 г. Теряете важные файлы, пролив на компьютер кофе, или добавляете к названию документа "шестая версия", когда нужно отправить пятую версию? Тогда SharePoint может помочь! На этой неделе мы...
  • Palermo4 on MSDN

    HTML5 Web Camp in LA

    The HTML5 Web Camp in LA was clearly the best one yet.  Hats off to all the volunteers and the attendees for being very prepared for the event.  The event was very interactive, and many questions were regarding browser concerns.  There...
  • 高橋 忍のブログ


    #wp7jp #is12t さっそく有楽町で売っていたので買ってみました。ラスタバナナのケースでラメ入りのものです。 若干黄色というか金色っぽい感じなのでシトラスとの相性はいいですね。 黒と合わせるとちょっと全体的に白っぽくなるイメージ。ストーンパターンみたい。 初めはちょっと合わないかな?と思ったマゼンタも以外に時間がたつと落ち着きます。 女子にはクリアケースでデコってほしいですね。
  • blog Arquitetura de Soluções

    Revisando CBA – Claim-Based Authentication

    Olá pessoal, tudo certo? Esses dias estive as voltas com cenários de CBA novamente. Para quem não se lembra, CBA é o modelo de autenticação baseada em declarações, que oferece grandes benefícios para aplicações, no tratamento de autenticação e autorização...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Neue WebMatrix Tutorials verfügbar – Einstieg in die Webentwicklung leicht gemacht

    Ab sofort findet man unter eine Reihe von deutschsprachigen Tutorials, welche den Einstieg in Microsoft WebMatrix erleichtern. WebMatrix ist ein kostenfreies Tool, das es Ihnen ermöglicht, Webseiten zu erstellen...
  • iseo

    I SEO, you SEO, we all SEO.

    Learning, finding, exploring in the world of search and SEO(search engine optimization). One of the problems with learning how search works is that you have to deal with the legalities of other people's content. It is often difficult to explain how...
  • Ram's Blog

    Aggregating recycle bin items using PowerShell

    Body: I’ve always wished since recycle bin was first introduced in SharePoint 2007 that It would be nice from an Administrator perspective to be able to see recycle bin items aggregated so that they can see how much space is being taken up by recycle...
  • UK ISV Developer Evangelism Team

    MicroGems launch 1st September- tune in!

    Keep an eye out on the 1 st of every month for new and innovative partner stories via MicroGems- first instalment 1 st September. Each month our intrepid DPE Evangelist and reporter Gemma Yussuf will go ‘once more unto the breach’, bringing you cutting...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    SOLID Development in Pictures

    While I can’t claim to be a huge adherent of any particular set of development principles (I admire others’ passion in this area, but I’m very pragmatic when it comes to getting a given task done…there are lots of ways to do it, many of which can be ...
  • Developing for Dynamics GP

    Customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP? 5 Excuses You Will Want to Bury Once and For All!

    Over the years that I have worked with Great Plains and Microsoft Dynamics GP, I have seen (and written) many customizations at customer sites. Some of those customizations are in the form of products to handle specific vertical markets or generic tools...
  • Martha Rotter's Blog

    MIX09: Last Minute Discounts

    I was on the MIX09 site earlier today and noticed a few interesting discounts I thought I’d mention here. Last Chance to Save on MIX: If you haven’t yet bought your MIX09 ticket, be sure to use RSVP code MIXLastChance to save $300 USD when you book by...
  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    From Hansard – Thin Client doesn’t equal energy efficient

    I like “ They Work for You ”, a website which tracks things which go on in Parliament. I use the RSS feeds of education ministers to keep an eye on news I’ve missed (such as new statistics published, or progress on big programmes), and I’ve also used...
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