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  • Developer Experience

    Free Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Training Kit

    Technorati Tags: mix , mix10 Windows Phone 7 Series holds a promise to be an amazing personal mobile phone with new innovative user interface and functionality , as well as a great development platform on which you can quickly and easily build games and...
  • Developer Experience

    Confessions of a Woman Developer: Microsoft, IBM, and Intel - the experience of one

    The black and blues of Intel, IBM, and Microsoft, surviving chips to bits without much bruising.  I’ve worked at 3 of the largest computer companies in the world and I wanted to share my experiences here with you.  Intel – a software person...
  • Developer Experience

    Paying for college in the new “Middle Ages”

    The old adage “knowledge is power” is an agreed upon theorem in our society. With the increasing tuition hikes on students, the barrier to entry in formal education can send the wrong message that only those with a lot of money can be educated...
  • Student Developer

    Entrepreneurship 101: VC Panel Tells Entrepreneurs What it Takes

    Ever dream of being an entrepreneur but need to know how to get started? The “VC Panel” at the Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals, held in NYC last month, was a practical how-to session on starting a company, and getting funding. The...
  • Student Developer

    Windows Phone Student App of the Week: Liverpool Chants Lite, Juventus Chants Lite, Barca Chants Lite

    Liverpool Chants Lite Author: Arin E The Free and Lite Version of Liverpool Chants. Chants sung by Fans of Liverpool football club. The Liverpool Chants application is dedicated to all Liverpool FC and soccer fans around the world! Download now ...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Danmark - Partner

    NAV partner - anvender du SMB ERP promotions? Hvis ja, så kig med her!

    Kære Dynamics NAV-partner, Efter nytår har vi planlagt aktiviteter, som bringer vores SMB ERP promotions HELT ud til de potentielle kunder i markedet. Det hele samler sig på en landing site i starten af det nye år, hvor budskabet...
  • Azure Mobile Services Team Blog

    Add Column

    With the latest update, you can now add columns to your tables through the portal. To add a column to an existing table: - Select your mobile service, and navigate to the data tab - Select one of your tables and go to the columns tab - You will...
  • Game Words 777

    Weekend links 11/23

    This week was particularly exciting for all gamers, and finally the wait is over: Xbox One it's here!!!!! A new revolution in the gaming landscape has started. So let's check what we had this in the Ms land: Xbox One: Top 10 features of Microsoft...
  • IEBlog Русский

    Добро пожаловать на конференцию //BUILD

    В этом году конференция BUILD проводится 26-28 июня в Moscone Center в Сан-Франциско (Калифорния). Здесь впервые будут широко обсуждаться и распространяться новые версии Windows и Internet Explorer. И мы надеемся увидеть здесь многих из вас! Группа...
  • NZ GovTech - Microsoft New Zealand Government Affairs Blog

    Protecting student privacy


    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with [his or her] privacy.”
    - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, 1948

    New Zealand’s schools work hard to earn the trust of their communities. As part of the important work they do, schools need to collect and hold a large body of confidential and private information about children and their families.

    The 2020 Communications Trust ICT in Schools survey suggests that if digital records and email are not already used extensively in every New Zealand school, they soon will be.

    In recent years some schools have taken a step further, and are starting to send information to computing services outside the school grounds for storage and processing.

    In the hands of teachers who have been supported with skills development and the freedom to innovate, new devices and cloud services present wonderful opportunities to prepare students for the future.

    “The rise of new computing services is a huge enabler for schools. It allows for more efficient provision of services compared with on-site hardware, and a wider range of services can be brought into the school,” says Jordan Carter, Acting Chief Executive of InternetNZ.

    However, as with most new innovations, there are new risks to understand.

    Schools need to learn about what is happening behind the scenes. They need to ensure that their staff have the knowledge and tools they need to work in this environment. Schools may not be fully aware whether data is safe, or even that they might have lost control of it.

    Jordan says, “The most important way to deal with these challenges is open and up front discussion in school communities and with providers. Know what is offered, and on what terms, from service providers - especially in terms of data security and privacy, and commercialised use of data. Demand clarity from providers in their answers - plain English explanations and clear documentation.”

    To find out more about the right approach for schools in New Zealand, we were interested to find out more about what parents want. Of the 400 parents surveyed, 95% want schools to require providers of computing and Internet services to commit by contract that they’ll only use student data to deliver services to schools, not for the companies’ own purposes.Chart: 95% of parents want schools to require providers of computing and Internet services to commit by contract that they’ll only use student data to deliver services to schools, not for the companies’ own purposes

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  • Plankytronixx

    Azure Bootcamp (UK): Building out Windows Azure Infrastructures and Services (Saturday, 14th December 2013, Central London)

    Targeting the ITPro, Devop or Developer this bootcamp will go into the intricacies of deploying a network infrastructure to Windows Azure. It will cover all of the various tools and ways of deployment (APIs, SDKs, CLI and Powershell) as well as the considerations...
  • Новости Русского MSDN

    Дизайн приложений для Windows 8 – смотрите онлайн!

    3 декабря, в 10:00 (МСК) , присоединяйтесь к виртуальному мероприятию «Проектирование и дизайн приложений для Windows 8.1 и Windows Phone». Продуманный пользовательский интерфейс - это одна из ключевых составляющих успешного приложения для...
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