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  • David Wang

    IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet Impressions

    Much to my surprise, my Tablet PC arrived on Tuesday. I had a long weekend out-of-town, had been very busy at work, and I spent a lot of free time just fussing around with the Tablet PC... so I have not been spending a lot of cycles with new blog entries...
  • stuart kent's blog

    Writing a book

    I see that Steve has let the cat of the bag - we (that is Steve , Alan , Gareth and myself) are writing a book on DSL Tools. Let us know if there are particular topics you'd like to see covered. We'll try and blog about some of the content as we...
  • Office Development is more than VBA

    Nachlese zum TechNet WebCast "LOB-Integration in Office"

    Im TechNet-WebCast unter dem scheinbar endlos klingenden Titel "Microsoft Office System mit Line-of-Business-Anwendungen integrieren - Nahtloser Austausch von Unternehmensdaten" hatte ich versprochen, die Folien (unter Umgehung sämtlicher Regeln hatten...
  • Kevin B Smith's WebLog

    Routing Messages to the MQ Dead Letter Queue

    I recently had a fun problem to solve for a client of mine, essentially they wanted to route messages to the MQ Series dead letter queue and have the MQ dead letter queue handler move those messages to the queue they defined in the dead letter. ...
  • Rob Caron

    Team Foundation Server and SQL Server Reporting Services

    This past summer I asked for feedback on how you deploy SQL Server Reporting Services in your organization ( How Do You Deploy SQL Server Reporting Services? ). At the time, we were seeking input to determine if we should keep SQL Server Reporting Services...
  • Visual Studio Data

    SSEUtil RTM version is now available (by yag)

    For all you developers who love the command line, or want an easy way to perform simple administration functions on SQL Server 2005, you can now download the SQL Server Express Utility . Among its capabilities, you can: Connect to the main instance...
  • Visual Studio Data

    EBay starter kit (by yag)

    Getting ready for the launch of Visual Studio 2005 and I run across the EBay Selling Starter Kit for VB - ready for Visual Studio 2005 already. Pretty awesome!
  • David Wang

    Webcast Series: Operations

    Ok, I usually do not do these plugs because I wager you want to read interesting, synthesized information (after all, you could just go read the IIS documentation... aha, I thought so, no one wants to go do that! :-P ), but Chris Adams managed to get...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    You Aren't Gonna Need It - Or Are You?

    A coworker recently pointed me at this page from the C2 Extreme Programming Wiki. The basic theory is that, if you find code that isn't being used, delete it. That is fair enough. The controversy comes when the code in question is potentially useful in...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    MDbg extension to debug IL

    I've updated the MDbg gui to provide IL debugging. I blogged here that the CLR actually lets you debug at the IL level (with some restrictions), but no debugger actually exposes this feature. People were skeptical, and now that we shipped whidbey, I've...
  • Sean McBreen's WebLog - The Gadget Challenge

    I’m loving – I keep playing with it at home, adding and removing items and changing my layout to optimize it for me and my own personal experience. It’s not totally new, it reminds me of early development with DigitalDashbard and other similar...
  • Sean McBreen's WebLog

    I just installed VS2005 Team Suite – No Issues

    So I just installed Teams Suite on my work PC – it worked perfectly. I’m now fully operational, hum now to find time to do some development!
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